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This website is dedicated to helping stay at home moms, disabled and old people, traditionally considered as “non-productive, to be able to blog from home and earn their living.

There are thousands of ways to make money from the comfort of home. This website will empower those who want to earn money as affiliate marketers.

Cave Walls to Facebook Walls

In the beginning was the cave. Man lived in the cave, his natural Home.

Man painted on the cave walls to record and share important information he gathered from the natural environment. These paintings recorded and informed them about what was available in their surrounding environment.

In a way, they were sharing information about the “hot” products available in the “local market” by painting them on the cave walls. Pictures of wild animals or whatever they painted on the cave walls were to do with their daily survival, sustenance, and nourishment.

This is the genesis of man’s natural urge or needs to paint and share information on walls to survive.

Millions of years have passed. Yet, man’s urge to record or “paint” information on walls has not faded away.

This urge has been carried through the first caveman’s DNA and passed all the way down to the twenty-first-century man, who now “paint”, record and share information on the Facebook Walls or on websites.

  • There are more people or users on Facebook than there were people on the planet two hundred years ago.
  • Today around 40{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} of the world population (i.e. three billion) has an Internet connection. Caveman has evolved in the past millions of years and modern man today swarm in multitude and has migrated into the cyberspace – his virtual cave.
  • The latest data indicates that right now there are 6.1 million remote workers in the United States, either self-employed or working on a full-time or part-time basis from the comfort of their homes.Working from home or pretty much anywhere you desire is increasingly becoming the norm.
  • Experts have predicted that more than 45{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} of workers in the USA may soon lose their jobs due to the rapid rate of automation that will replace monotonous work. In Great Britain, 8 million people were running an online home-based business as of April 2013.

This time around man “paints” or blog (not “work”) using digital images, text, sound, photo, and video on his digital walls with all kinds of skills and know-how imaginable.

If the cave was man’s first natural Home, the cyberspace is where twenty-first-century man build his virtual Home (websites, social media etc.) and earns his living by blogging (not working) from the comfort of his digital Home.

Ever since the advent of the information revolution, cheap and high-speed sophisticated communication system and the Internet help to make a home-based business a reality. A horde of former workers of the industrial age is now turning themselves to become bloggers to survive in the new information society.  

Welcome, all stay at home moms, disabled and old people and whoever is dedicated to blogging and earning their living from the comfort of their homes.

Home is the Future Workplace (or more correctly “Blogplace“) of the Twenty-first Century man.

And the Future is NOW!

Stone Age to Mouse Age

Let us dig a bit deeper into the past to understand the present and future better.

The development and use of tools made out of stones were one of the most important advancements for the survival of humans during the Stone Age. These tools were the vital part for their daily survival, making life easier for them. Using these tools, caveman became the master of his environment.

According to research finding of Prof. Fenian at Cornell University, today’s modern man makes about 428 clicks per day on his computer mouse in average. Much as turning raw stones into finely honed tools took a lot of time and technological skills for the stone age man, the development of today’s computer mouse need arrays of materials and highly sophisticated technological skills. Using the finely-honed, palm-held stone effectively, the caveman becomes the master of his environment.

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of ways to make money from the comfort of the 21st. Century home. To become masters of our new online business environment, the modern man today needs to acquire tons of knowledge and skills, not to mention the too many tools, software and hardware.

This website is dedicated to providing you with all vital skills necessary for your online success – all free of charge, and also inform you about the top-notch software or hardware, and the services I am using here on this website.

In pursuit of your online business endeavor, predictably you will be destined to do millions of mouse clicks for the rest of your life. Instead of you clicking the computer mouse randomly with no tangible result or benefit, this website will help you to consciously click your mouse with an intent to make smart passive income.

  • Do visit this site regularly, we will update you with all the tools you need for your online success.
  • Holding firmly the palm-held stone, the caveman had survived and become the master of his environment.
  • Likewise, this website will empower you to keep your online business life firmly in your palm and helps you skillfully steer the mouse towards your desired destiny and be the master of your new cyber environment.

History of Home

Why You Should Blog from Home


  1. Indeed man has evolved from cave to cyber space. People can meet and chat online. We can sell our stuff online. But I have a question for you. You said blogging can assist a mom or disabled people, how can he or she start such a business if one does not know how to use a computer, design a website where he can sell the stuff? Is it ideal for one to start blogging from home? and how?

    • Hi Divican, you got it right. There are unlimited opportunities out there in the cyber space to make a decent living. And yes, having a website is the basic foundation from which one must build or rebuild a new life. In the beginning during the early 1990s when Internet Marketing started to blossom, it was extremely difficcult for non-tech savvy persons like me. That was in the olden days of the Internet age, so to say. The technology has rapidly advanced in the recent years and now things have changed dramatically and building a website is no more as difficult as it used to be. I have built this website all on my own. See? a seemingly dumb non-tech person like me can now build such website! I have never ever dreamt of being able to build such a website in the past. I will show you how to build a website within a few minutes and get your website up and running in no time. This is not to say blogging to earn a living is easy. You still need to learn all the basic nitty gritty of becoming a sucessful blogger. There are powerful networks out there ready to help you and teach you about all these step by step. This site is all about how to be successful online. So, stay tuned and keep in touch with me. Come visit me regularly in my cyber cave:)

  2. Hey Kipp,
    Cool picture, did you draw that yourself? I totally support your noble cause – helping those which are considered ‘non-productive’ make a living. Blogging is a real life saver for many people, I start earning while I was still studying in college and its definitely true that anyone can earn from it without spending much time on it. Plus its fun too. Keep up the great progress Kipp, supporting you all the way!

    • Hi Riaz, Thanks for your nice comment. The main background of the picture is from Google image but the cartoons are drawn by me with cut and paste and tweaking on paint. Yes, I am a stay at home disabled pensioner supposed to be traditionally non-productive. But I am so excited that despite my being confined at home as such, the information revolution enables me to be productive as long as I have the needed energy to blog, not work:) So, likewise I aim to inspire and empower any one on Earth associated with such a situation like disabled, old-age, stay at home mom or dad or children. Once again thank you so much for your encouragement and support and for enjoying my post. It gives me the most needed vigour.

  3. Hi Kipps,

    You narrative about the mans from the different times of human history; that are the mans from thousands years ago and people who are working in the internet ages now, is really remarkable and interesting to think of and thankful to the dedicated people who created this amazing stuffs such as internet, website/blog, affiliate products business, etc.

    That caveman maybe borne on the wrong time, also maybe on the wrong place, they wish/dream but couldn’t do like ours. Therefore, we must use this opportunity to use this internet properly for the betterment of ourselves and others. If we have a chance to improve our life by using this internet, so, we must do it with great responsibility and prudently.



    • Hi Hasmiza,

      The cavemen of the stone age and those of us in the twenty first century share the same mentality. Man have not changed even after millions of years of evolution. We are still sharing information through painting on cyber walls and the only different is the tools we use. The tools we use are still quite similar in size at least. The caveman used palm-size, palm-held stones for his survival and the computer mouse in our palm we use today have very much the same size and very much the same shape with their palm-held stone of the caveman. The only different is the materials with which these tools are made. Our tools are highly sophisticated and much much more complicated. But our urge to share information remains the same. Exactly like the man of the twenty first century, Information sharing seemed to be vital for the cavman during their time.

  4. Hey Kipp

    I sure agree that blogging from home is the future because with so many people hopping online every day, building an online business is where the real opportunity is. There are lots of people looking for information on starting up businesses and are also prepared to buy products. So bloggers have opportunities to connect and help those people get what they want online.

    LOL… There sure has been a massive transformation from caves to Facebook. With everything we have access to online today, we are so lucky to live in a digital age where anyone can become Entrepreneurs if they’re willing to put in the time.


    • Neil, Thanks for sharing your opinions and inputs. Yes, you are right, contrast to the past “everyone can become Entrepreneur” in the 21st Century. The information revolution has transformed the human society. It is kind of democratization of Capitalism, if this term is still valid. During the industrial Age of the ancient past, only those who own land, capital or industrial plants were having all the advantage to make lots and lots of money. Nowadays, we see women, disabled people, and even childrens are becoming millionaires! Informaion become the capital. And this time around, the first time ever in the entire history of humankind, the capital is intangible and infinite whereas in the past, land, capital and labour are all finite. Meaning, while you are using it, I cannot use yours. But with information, I (or literally thousands of people) can use the exact information you use and generate more or higher quality information. Information is generative, so is the money attached with it. Funny, isn’t it?

  5. Hi Kipp, I have always been amazed how blogger manage to earn a full time income while doing what they love and write about it. But it will be good to share some insights how the money comes about. Can I really make money talking about myself when I don’t think myself as interesting?

    What if I am a bad writer? My work tends to get a lot of critism from my bosses and sometimes I feel that I ain’t that good a writer…

    • Hi Leo,

      Good question. Making money through blogging and writing about your own life story that you yourself “don’t think .. as interesting” are totally different stories. But I am not discouraging you outright not to blog about yourselves, even if you think it is uninteresting. I will come to this point in a minute. First, if you believe making money by blogging means writing about oneself, regardless of whether it is an exciting or boring one, then my personal opinion is that you have totally misunderstood the trade. Making money through blogging could involve blogging about your own selves (I mean no one is going to forbid you not to do so), but if you are going to bore your audience to death, even when your blog has full of contents about your “uninteresting” life story, you won’t make a dime, to be sure.

      There may be blogs solely about the blog owners’ true life story – say a memoir or autobiography of a celebrity or a prominent person, whose life story could even be listed among the New York Times best seller list. But such blogs, I think, are very rare, if it is ever aimed to make money out of it. For example I. for one, would not dare to venture out and start such a blog – no way, no one will ever read my story to the end. Again, going back to your uninteresting life story, you cannot rule out it is so; because every single soul on earth has some interesting experiences in their lives and if you could consult some experts on life-story writing, and tell them about your life, they may be able to guide you on how best to craft it, to make it appealing to your audience. Who knows? Your life story might become a best seller:) no kidding, my friend. The world has so many strange episodes where one seemingly boring story of an unknown person turn out to be an exciting one, attracting unprecedented number of approval and readership. Nothing could be ruled out. This is just not to discourage you and my very generalized idea.

      Now let us go to the specific part of blogging to make money. What we have so far learned from the great bloggers or successful online entrepreneur is that you need to blog about your passion or hobby or something you are really good at. That will be your niche. In doing so one part (may be just a small part) about you – just to let your audience know who you are and to show that you are a real person, and moreover, to build trust and intimacy with your targeted audience. Even then this should not be taken as the norm of online business blogging. I say this because I have seen quite a lot of successful business blogs without any “About Me” page. As long as the blog is helping others solve their problems, the blog will prosper. In a nutshell, blogging to make money is solving others’ problem, helping others, or sharing your knowledge and giving away valuable information free of charge.

      I think by now, you have realized what blogging to earn money really is.

      Last but not the least, you talk about your bad writing. Yes, it may be difficult in the beginning. I know, my English writing is not to the standard since English is my third language:( But to be a successul blogger, you don’t need to be able to write like William Shakespeare. If you know how to talk, you can write like how you talk in online business blogging.

      To sum up:

      Find your niche, find out your passion, find out your hobby, find out the problems people are having in your own niche and help them find real solutions. Business blogging is not making money in the first place. Yes, it is an irony, I know. But as long as your blog is solving others’ problems the money will come indirectly as a reward from Google, Bing or Yahoo and the like. Hope this helps. I would like to hear from you more. If you have more questions please feel free to comment further, I will be more than happy to communicate with you and share my opinion.

  6. Hello Burma!

    Thank you for this information, a lot of people are considered “non-productive” and they should start creating income from their own homes using their computers.

    A lot of people are afraid to do it. But it’s totally possible!
    Your blog has a lot of information and it’s very helpful.
    Thank you again for informing people of this!


    • Hi Santiago,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad the information I have shared is helpful for you. Yes, it is natural for people like me who have never ever been selling anything before, are afraid of starting an online (or offline) business. But the moment I jumped into the water, I am forced to keep on swimming without looking back. That’s the only way one could reach the other side of the vast ocean of Internet marketing, where daring people are reaping the fruits of their hard works! If we are not selling, we have to buy from people who are doing the selling. After all, every single man on Earth is selling one way or the other. Teachers, doctors, nurses or lawyers are selling their knowledge and services, though, they may say they have no experience in selling things. So, cheer up just jump into the water and start swimming, we all are here to help you at Wealthy Affiliate.


      Kipps [Burma man:)]

      P.S. I like you addressing me as “Burma”.

  7. It’s very interesting to think of it like this. Thinking about cavemen and their wall art really put it into perspective for me. I never really thought about sharing as a need. I guess psychologically we just need socialization of some kind. It’s also crazy to me that there are more people on Facebook than the world population 200 years ago!

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks for visiting my site and also for your interest and nice comment. It is good you shared your honest opinion, as it helps me review some of my ideas. Actually, we cannot be so sure of the real motive behind the cavemen’s wall paintings. Yes, we can only guess or speculate. So, just to simplify or slightly modify my approach, let me totally disregard the actual motives of these cave paintings for awhile and concentrate on why modern man is sharing information (text, image, sound) on FB and websites. There could be a long list of reasons or motives and the impacts or results of this job of sharing, again, could be multiple.

      What we can say definitely is that information is basically generative. Meaning, once an information is shared to another person or to a network a host of new information and ideas could be generated by the receiving end. And this lead further to more information generating, adding up more ideas to be developed. In this Internet Age, we see an untold number of communities and networks emerging across the globe for a sole purpose of sharing ideas, news, documents and information leading to accumulation and generating of higher and higher knowledge that benefit the human society exponentially.

      One good example is the Wealthy Affiliate Community, where we all share information through this platform and benefiting everybody in the community. Since cavemen and the 21st. century men belong to the same homo sapiens, the urge to share has been embedded in our ancestors’ DNA. It’s a guess work. But very likely.

      Do share your thoughts so we generate more valuable information.



      P.S. Men may have a psychological need to socialize, but many today use the $ocial Media to generate what they need most – $$$$ 🙂

  8. You might add as well touching as, among the clicking of the mouse, there’s a whole new generation touching on smartphones and tablets to find something on the internet. I agree, we have come a long way as the human race and yet there are still things that do not change, like our need to communicate with others through pictures and words. The need to connect is in our DNA.

    • Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree with your notion. Yes, our urge to communicate is naturally embedded in our DNA. Of course, there are arrays of uncountable hand-held devices the modern man is using for his survival: smartphones, tablets, remote control, joystick, phablet, palmtop PC etc., to name a few. What makes me fascinated most is the identical shapes and sizes of the cavemen’s palm-held stone tool and today’s PC mouse. The extent of change is really marvelous.

  9. Hello Kipps,

    I am amazed by loads of information in your site. You have some statistics there that are so astounding. I am amazed at how internet users keep increasing day by day (3 billion now?). The analogy of the cave wall and facebook wall is a good one. I never thought of it that way. If we have been sharing through cave walls before, then no wonder we use FB “walls” now to share…. LOL!

    Do you know that I found myself reading your replies to comments and continue to learn from you. You are doing a good job providing information.

    Most people, when blogging comes up in the discussion would say they are not good at writing. I read somewhere that “if you can talk, then you can write.” If what you are blogging about is something that you really know by heart (passion), then I am sure you talk about that a lot. So write what you talk about… voila! You have content.Yes

    • Hi Norma,
      Yes, it is our passion that keeps our spirit of sharing burning. For the past forty years or so I have been fascinated with the accelerating speed of changes that come along with the new communication technology. Writing becomes natural when one is writing about his own passion and the words just flow out like water coming out from the fountain, so to say. Even a casual reader will be able to spot if the writer is not really passionate about what she is writing. Our cavemen ancestors, I think, have done their paintings with enthusiasm and passion and that is the reason they keep on inspiring us even after millions of years. If not we, the modern men, would not take all the pains as to create cyber walls for us to “paint”:)
      So Norma let us paint and paint following our cavemen ancestors’ footstep. Sharing is caring, so goes the saying nowadays. Our ancestors have cared, so do we.

  10. I really like your introduction to blogging and making money online. It really easy the new frontier. A lot of people out there don’t even conceive this possibility and this gives those who are entering this field now a great opportunity as there are still tons of “niches” out there with very low competition and that allow you to reach many visitors and earn money with affiliate links and advertising. And obviously this is particularly true for those who stay at home most of the time and have a lot of time to invest in this activity

    • Hi Horatius,

      Though blogging may not be the only way of earning money from the comfort of home, reliable statistics lead us to conclude that it will predominate the online marketing world in the very near future. So, any future-oriented person should be thinking of her niche, hobby or passion for starting a blog.

      In the long run, even a single blog, if well written, could bring her passive income while she sleeps or travels. That is how the 21st. Century womankind will survive in the future.



  11. Hey Kipps,
    How you compare the stone age with the mouse age is hilarious and real! This is some really interesting and true things you’re writing about. Like you, I believe blogging is the best way to start making money online and many people are doing it now, as you mention the facts of what has happened with the U.S. workers.
    I encourage the readers of this post to start blogging asap!

    • Hi carlosdelzo,

      I am happy that you like my analogy between the stone age and mouse age. The similarity of the size and shape of these tools is amazing.

      The spiral theory of progress suggests that “history can be seen as a series of progressive cycles, and that the past does come around again but in an ever-improving form”.

      The caveman needs tremendous efforts, time and sweating to get his breakfast ready, using his palm-held stone; whereas we can get ours with a few clicks of our palm-held mouse.

      Funny, isn’t it?

      Yes, let’s blog and rock!

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