Why You Should Blog from HOME?


If “working hard” is the way to survive during the past many centuries, the twenty first century man need to “work smart” to survive. To “work smart” is to “blog.”  Ever increasing number of people are “blogging” from HOME today instead of “working” in the factories or offices like in the past centuries.

With the advent of the Internet Age, the old Industrial Era civilization is rapidly giving way to the newly arriving era we all know as the Information Age.

As the information and communication technology advance and ever increasingly sophisticated and mobile communication tools like Smart phone, Ultrabook, Tablet etc. human beings are more than ever connected to each other, dramatically and effectively knocking down all traditional territorial and legal or natural barriers across ever increasingly globalized world.

This paved the way for host of changes in almost all aspects of human life including the emerging home-based education, online marketing that make buying and selling digital and physical products from the comfort of your mobile devices either from home or anywhere you are, either on the Cruiser, from the holiday resort or from the comfort of your holiday villa at the sea beach ect., not to mention the tremendous impact these changes have been brought into our social and political life.

Untold number of new method of making money has emerged since the last decades and earning a  decent living by blogging is but one such new way of making money that a modern man should embrace the sooner the better because within a short time frame from now we are going to witness many other new and exciting technological innovations and advances that will make online business activities even easier and lucrative. It is better to start now than waiting.

The term “blogging” itself is a new word that reflects the new way of “working” that enables the twenty-first-century man to survive the challenges we are facing on a daily basis under the new civilization that is shaping the surface of the Earth.

Blogging to Earn

“Blogging and earning a decent living from the comfort of Home” has been the catchphrase of today’s Internet Marketing.

Many new starters who believe in this catchphrase and have jumped on the bandwagon to join the IM campaign are lost on their way, lost their money and time etc. either because:-

  1. they are being repeatedly cheated by Internet scam artists
  2. they lost their motivation after feeling overwhelmed by the skills needed to acquire and the seemingly tremendous tasks involved to become really successful online
  3. they lack a real and serious mentor
  4. they have no network or community to support them and help them when they are stuck
  5. they have not yet found the best affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate
  6. they have not yet found real friends who will inspire and empower them.

If you could identify yourself with one or more reasons stated above, then this website is dedicated to inspire and empower you to become a successful blogger, and to help you achieve a decent living from the comfort of your Home, and importantly to help you avoid scammers, whose only motive is to line their own pockets by bleeding your wallet, not to make you rich.



Home has been a pleasant place for the majority of us. We hate working on site with someone bossing around us. We, more or less, abhor the workplace. The feeling of mild or wild excitement, or a kind of a mild adrenalin rush at quitting time – time to go Home – proves man’s natural love of Home deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. Hence: the saying “Home sweet home”.

This website, The Power of Infosumer Network, will seriously show you how to stay at Home and yet not feel isolated and even earn enough money by blogging.

You will be connected to a real network and affiliate community. Once you join the network you will be able to find a lot of new friends and mentors who will inspire and empower you to become a successful online entrepreneur. Remember, online marketing success never happened without the help of a really generous community.

We spent most of our time consuming and sharing information on the Net. We all are Infosumer. As the information technology is rapidly changing and progressing with new innovation every day, we cannot survive alone. We are overwhelmed and bombarded with new technological innovations and information that digesting all these all on our own is next to impossible. We need to share and help each other to survive as Infosumer. Constantly networking and sharing knowledge among us is the way to help and empower one another, In this way, we enhance the Power of Infosumer Network.

This website will also inform you how and why you should blog as an affiliate and earn your living from the comfort of your home.

Home will be the Center of all your online activities NOW and in the FUTURE to come.

In the next post let us peep into the PAST  “Brief Historical Sketch of Home” to better understand how the twenty-first-century Home is rapidly regaining its original status as the CENTER of all social activities like in the PAST more than thousands of years ago.

Recommended further reading:  “A Brief Historical Sketch of HOME“To understand the present and the exciting future knocking at our doors on a daily basis.

We need to know our past so that we can properly figure out the present and move towards a successful future.

Kho Lian Kipp


  1. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about How to blog from home, so I learned a lot.
    You saved my day.

    • Thanks Emanuel and I am glad this website is helpful for you. Do visit again in the future. More exciting blog poste are on the way.

  2. I love how the whole concept of your post revolves around the word “Home”.

    Home is a place where we should feel at ease & when that hits, inspiration can come by easier. Working at home allows you to work at your own pace, on your bed, couch , floor or even the kitchen.

    With easier access to the internet these days, it is no wonder more housewives & students are looking for ways to earn extra income to keep up with the ever evolving society. Working from home opportunities provide them with this lucrative option without having to invest much & putting their free time to good use.

    Best wishes!

    Zhi Wei

  3. Thanks Lee for your inputs. I view this new trend as a social movement even if many home based bloggers are earning lucratively from the comfort of their homes. See, the information revolution is effectively dismantling the system of centralization that once prevailed in the old industrial society. Blogging from home, to me is the highest manifestation of decentralization! No one bossing around us, we are our own boss, and moreover Home is the center of our life!

    • Thanks for your nice comment B A Thang. Do visit my webpage regularly. There are still a lot of information I would like to share with freinds like you.

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