Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is an unbias Review of one of the most Powerful Affiliate Networks ever, known as WEALTHY AFFILIATE

Ranking: The BEST Affiliate University on the Planet Earth.

Price:  $0.- for Beginners. You can remain a free member as long as you wish. Once you are ready to be a premium member, the cost is less than $1 / day and have access to hundreds of training materials, information and knowledge, 1000s of high-quality blog posts, the value of which exceed far more beyond what you have paid for.

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: WealthyAffiliate.com

Why WAU is the BEST and Excellent Place to learn about earning money online

Having tried a lot of making-money-online training and products and having lost thousands of dollars and hours of my precious time in the past, when I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I had found the best place to achieve my long desire to become an online entrepreneur. Thanks to my past experiences as a scam victim, I knew it quite instantly that Wealthy Affiliate was not a scam.

FIVE Reasons Why I Joined the Wealthy Affiliate University

1. No Credit Card needed

  1. It is free to join. Moreover, you can remain a free member for the rest of your life if you so wish. You can quit at any time without having to spend a single dime. That means at any point if you feel this is another BS, you won’t be losing your money.

A lot of Internet marketing scams out there are promising secret guides to success, easy money, lucrative internet lifestyle if you buy their products. Soon you will realize that these are nothing more than low-quality products or just craps. Wealthy Affiliate is not in this type of business. You will not need to buy anything you don’t really understand. You can test drive the system as a free member with an option to upgrade to a premium membership ONLY after you are sure it is for you definitely.

As a free starter, you can start the training straight away from day one and even start building a website, communicate with other members in the chat room and browse through the vast training platform of the Wealthy Affiliate and find out firsthand how it really works.

You will have access to thousands of valuable blog posts, training videos, and tutorials.

Yes, you can do all these free of charge. As a free starter, you are going to learn a lot from the first 10 lessons of the Getting Started (Level1)

CLICK HERE to start the training right away:

What more? Each Wealthy Affiliate member – even a free Starter Member – is allocated a unique affiliate link with a lifetime cookie. Since you have access to the gold mine of information on the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can share any blog post or tutorials you enjoy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your website or via email and earn revenue even while learning. By using the Share Buttons or your Unique Affiliate Link you will get revenue for anybody who signs up through your link.  You can get a free training for this HERE.

Naturally, only when you upgrade yourself to become a Premium Member will you have access to all features and trainings the Wealthy Affiliate offers. However, the free Starter Membership will help you make an informed decision as to whether the Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

2. Transparency

You can browse through the WAU website and find out exactly what kind of training it is offering you.

The others I have tried before just bragged about how much money they earned (some even claimed to have earned millions of dollars as affiliate!) and only tried to woo me into buying their affiliate training products without giving me any chance to see how it exactly looked like nor did they give me any chance to try them out first.

Wealthy Affiliate University is completely different. You can get started FREE of charge, look around the classes, talk to your classmates, scrutinize if this is real and right for you. Take your time and it’s up to you to decide.

Many of the Online Marketing Trainings I came across before were just lengthy sales pitches, without actually showing me how to become successful online. Typical con artists, even post their pictures with expensive luxury cars with them surrounded by beautiful girls just to make you excite and part with your hard earned money. These so called gurus promise you to share their “secrets” just to make themselves rich – not you. The WAU is unique. No such gimmicks or tricks are used to get you sign up or buy their products. Transparency here at WAU is 100{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7}. No hidden cost. No upsell. No guessing. No speculation. I could see it clearly in the open. This is what makes the platform stands out among other online affiliate trainings.

3. Generosity

It is a sharing and giving portal for beginners and seasoned online marketers. I took the time to look inside Wealthy Affiliate and was so pleased to see and get excited that there are tons of invaluable information and training materials nowhere to be found. Almost everything I need is included. There is literally nothing else out there that even comes close to Wealthy Affiliate.

4. A Solid Foundation

The Best Online Business Education

Wealthy Affiliate

As a free member, you will get two free websites and the WAU will teach you STEP by STEP how to build a website on your own.

In contrast to many other affiliate training I have tried before, the Wealthy Affiliate University started the trainings with building a website from scratch. That means with the WAU you are on a Solid Foundation (a website) on which to build your “skyscraper” to quote Kyle. Without a website, knowing all the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing will take you nowhere. Now that I have a Solid Foundation provided by the WAU, I know how to build my online business from the ground up. As a non-tech savvy baby boomer, this part is one of the most important features of the WAU that make it stand out from many other trainings, which only let me read hundreds and thousands of pages about online marketing without teaching me anything about website building. The other training only wasted hours and hours of my precious time and thousands of my hard earned money.

The key to success in any business is having a specialized knowledge and tools of your trade. So, if you are really serious and determined to become a successful online marketer, the Wealthy Affiliate is for you since it offers that kind of specialized knowledge and the vital tools for your own success.

5. Community

I can freely communicate with hundreds and thousands of members around the globe and ask questions or get advice or exchange opinions.

Wealthy Affiliate community is there to help me answer all the questions. The founders of the WAU, Kyle and Carson, have successfully built a caring and a giving community, which is continuously paying it forward. This amazing community behind Wealthy Affiliate is all about helping each other achieve success online and that proved to be a strong attraction to me.

While the website building classes and all the built-in tools provided by  Wealthy Affiliate are already excellent, you still can post your questions to the relevant classroom you are in whenever you have any question. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours, sometimes even within a few hours either from Kyle and Carson or other members of the great community, that love to help each other. The community is unique, to say the least.

While it is true that you need to invest some fortune to acquire specialized knowledge and tools, the FREE Starter Membership is most attractive for beginners, doubters, and ex-victims of scam artists like me. It is totally risk-free. That is not the end of the story. We all know that networking leads to success. And, as a free starter member you can network and interact with WA Community made up of the most successful group of Internet marketers in the world.

Pros and Cons

I will be brutally honest about Wealthy Affiliate so beginners get an unbias insight and have a better perspective of the good, the bad and the best of becoming a member. There is no perfect program that is totally free from any flaw. And Wealthy Affiliate is not an exception.

Even if I am extremely happy with the platform so far, I did find some difficulties during the early period when I first joined the community. For this reason, I am preparing this part of my review with potential starter members in mind so that they would not prematurely leave the platform at the first encounter with any kind of hassle, since this kind of experience is unavoidable at least in the first phases when one join any new program. 

It’s natural that when you are learning a new set of skill you need to practice through diligence, at times once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy.

Once you become more familiar with the platform I can guarantee that the pros actually outweigh the cons.


  1. Step-by-step training courses. Especially so helpful is the WordPress website building course
  2. Totally free web hosting
  3. Free members get 2 free websites and free hosting.
  4. Free members have full access to the first 10 free training lessons and the first 10 free Affiliate Bootcamp lessons as long as you want.
  5. Free members can earn WA affiliate commission.
  6. Premium members get 25 free (Siterubix) websites and another 25 own domain websites without any extra hosting cost.
  7. You can now buy domain directly from Wealthy Affiliate (NEW).
  8. Free or Premium members can easily build and maintain their website from within the Wealthy Affiliate
  9. All the vital marketing tools are made available to you
  10. You can build your own social network inside the Wealthy Affiliate and get advice and opinions from your own network
  11. The classrooms are interactive
  12. You can contact Kyle and Carson (the founders) at any time as your one on one mentors
  13. Hundreds of Video and other Training Courses, whose value exceed far more than you have paid for, as a Premium.
  14. You can get instant answers from fellow WA-ers through the Live chat available 24/7. In case nobody answers you, you can contact Kyle and Carson (the founders) directly. They are always responsive.
  15. There is also a question form where you can ask specific questions and get answers from the amazingly helpful community. 
  16. There are no upsell except for one option to upgrade to get more out of the platform.


  1. Wealthy Affiliate won’t promise or guarantee you to get rich overnight (but only the scam artists will promise you to earn $4000 a month in no time). So, is this really a con?
  2. Wealthy Affiliate requires you to work and to work hard! (only the con artists will tell you that you do not need to take any effort – “just click and click” – to make millions of dollars!).
  3. Wealthy Affiliate tells you the bitter truth that there is no SECRET or QUICK and EASY way of making money online. Instead, it will guide you through your journey to success – the hard but sure way – step by step. So these are honest truth, this may be something you do not want to hear but for this very reason scammers won’t tell you. Making a high amount of money usually takes time and you can expect the same at Wealthy Affiliate.  
  4. Sometimes you may not get an instant answer to your questions in Live Chat. But this is because the person(s) who could answer your specific questions may not be online right at that moment. By the way, there is no perfect program on the Internet.
  5. You will feel overwhelmed by the Wealthy Affiliate with an abundance of information and as a beginner, you will, at times, find it pretty confusing to get around the site.
  6. Wealthy Affiliate does not provide an autoresponder tool but there are very helpful tutorials on how to get the best free or paid autoresponder tools.
  7. Once you become a Premium, reverting to free membership is not possible.
  8. Free members have access to Premium content only for the first 7 days’ trial period. This Premium trial period is actually a plus, a PRO!
  9. Investing too much time on social networking on the site could easily get you distracted for a long period of time.
  10. Some members don’t give good advice and even pollute the platform with irrelevant posts.
  11. You can make some money as a free starter member but remember to make the big bucks it is a must to go for Premium.

How to determine if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you

  1. If you are looking for QUICK and EASY way to make a million dollar overnight, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not for you.
  2. However, if you are determined to build your own online business on a Solid Foundation then it’s definitely for you. Remember that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

 >> Come Join the Wealthy Affiliate Community for Free <<

Many Small Steps will lead you to a Great Success

As a non-tech savvy baby boomer, what excited me most is the step-by-step WordPress website building course that shows me exactly what I needed to do to build a successful niche website.

Since you are reading this blog post you are seeing it FIRST HAND with your own eyes the web page I managed to build from scratch using the newfound knowledge and “specialized skills” I have acquired from the Wealthy Affiliate STEP by STEP web building tutorials. What better proof do you need? I have been thrilled to see my youngster building websites with ease. Now it is their turn – they are praising me, their old digital-migrant uncle (the old man) doing the job of digital natives with relative ease. What a big joy!

This part is what significantly separate the Wealthy Affiliate with other affiliate training courses out there.

The most important thing is that this website building training course is not just about how to build a website, but it is incorporated with finding your own niche, finding the right keywords for your site, Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) etc. and many other features that will help you build a successful online business.

As you progress with your website building you will love the Wealthy Affiliates’ built-in Keyword Tool. Keyword research and choosing the right keywords and search phrases is vital to ranking on the first page of the major search engines such as Google and Bing. WA’s Keyword Tool will help you stand out ahead of your competitors and monetize your site.

This WA Keyword Tool and the training emphasize on organic search engine ranking, creating quality content and making good use of social media as a pathway to monetization. That means you can practically save a lot of paid advertising cost, which could usually drain your wallet.

Each course is made up of step-by-step lessons that contain small tasks that are easy to execute. After every single task is accomplished I feel ever closer to owning a successful online business.

To see what the training course looks like I would recommend you to look inside the Wealthy Affiliate:

WATCH VIDEO: Have a Look Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Starter – Premium Price Comparison Chart

Premium Membership

Apart from 25 free sites and another 25 owned domains, Premium members can host all these sites on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for free – no hosting cost. You can opt to host your own domains elsewhere but that does not reduce your Premium rate. As a Premium member, you have access to weekly live video classes or Webiners. Also made available to you are all the other video classes from the archive. It is indeed a gold mine of information.

You may wonder

When shall I upgrade myself to Premium Membership?

I will tell you openly. Become a paid member ONLY if you feel comfortable with WA. You, as a free Starter Member will never ever be pushed into becoming a premium.

Upgrade to  premium

ONLY when you feel you are definitely ready to take action and determined to become a successful online entrepreneur. This is how I became a Premium Member after I thoroughly scrutinize the contents of the training and careful consideration.

Even though the comparison chart above stated that Premium membership fee as $ 47/ month, which is $ 1,56 a day, there are attractive bonuses that will dramatically reduce your expenses to less than  $ 1/day. Below is how to exploit these bonuses. Read further down and you will see another secret bonus that offers you 82 cent/day as a Premium Member for LIFE!


During the first week (7 days) of your enrollment as a free Starter Member, you are privileged with equal status of the Premium Members. That means you have access to ALL information and training reserved for them. One more BONUS is that if you upgrade from Starter to Premium for the first month within the 7 days of signing up you only need to pay just $19 for that first month. That is a 59{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} saving! Make use of this BONUS effectively by taking advantage of all that the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

And what is not mentioned in the Starter / Premium comparison chart above is that even though the monthly Premium fee is $ 47 (i.e. an annual fee of $564 and ca. $ 1.56 per day) there is another bonus if you go for annual fee $ 359 which comes out to about $ 29 / month (that means you save about $ 18 a month or more than $ 200 / year and pay less than $1/day). And that is 36{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} saving!


If you enroll as a new Premium Member by taking advantage of the Black Friday SALE on November 28th the yearly membership is only $299, which works out to be $ 24.91 per month or      $ 0.82 per day! The Black Friday Offer lasted until the end of November (or in some years even until December 2nd). This offer is exclusively for new Premium Members who take advantage of the offer during this particular period.

And the most beautiful part of this offer is that once you take this offer you will be entitled to pay ONLY $0.82 per day for LIFE – that is as long as you are with the Wealthy Affiliate! Think of how wonderful it is to have needed to invest just 82 cents a day for your online business.


If you are determined to run a successful online business from the comfort of your home, I can assure you that this is the BEST place on the planet Earth right now. But if you don’t take any action success will not come out of the blue. If you take action now the path will unfold right in front of you. WAU is an education, training and support network with generous community helping each other.

>> Join Wealthy Affiliate for $0! <<

So far, I have tried all my very best explaining about the Wealthy Affiliate that I have been so fascinated with and if you have any question or comment about this review please feel free to let me know. You can either contact me inside the Wealthy Affiliate after you join as a free or paid member or leave a message below in the comment box. I would love to get in touch with you.

As for me I love to work from Home and now this website I created with the help of Wealthy Affilaite is my Home and I call Wealthy Affiliate – my Home.


There are way too many WA success stories. But I will here share with you just one of my favorite that inspired me deeply.

To Read Other Testimonials Click HERE.



Leave your comments below. I would love to read your comments and answer any questtion.

Wealthy Affiliate: REAL TESTIMONIALS


  1. I am lucky in a way that I didn’t lose thousands of dollar in internet scams before joining WA. Although I did lose tens of thousands is business prior to starting my online journey. Well, my story aside, WA is definitely as good as it gets. It’s not perfect but it offers solid training and resources and you get to build your business as you learn.

    • Hi Kenny,

      You are among my most envied lucky few (or many?) who hapen to stumble on Wealthy Affiliate straight away from the start. I have been scammed many times online before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. So, My greatest aspiration and hope is to bring as many beginners as I could, so that they could be as lucky as you.



  2. Hi Kipps,

    Really great and thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. Having been with them for 3 months now, I have learned so much more than I would have expected. You are right, earning money online does take perseverence and A LOT of hard work, but for me it is really worth it. Most of all, I love creating content about subjects I love and sharing it with like minded people.

    I’ve looked through your site and there is some great content – is there anything else you would recommend on top of Wealthy Affiliate to broaden my knowledge?



    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for visiting my site and for sharing your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. Many affiliate newbies failed for many reasons and among those one important reason is a lack of community support. We are lucky to have a really generous and helpful community on this platform. Moreover, we are told and reminded, every now and then, that making money online (or offline) never happens overnight. So, we are prepared for a long haul from the onset. As for other sources, I would recommend you to great posts and websites created by WA-ers like Kyle, the owner of WA and others like Jay, Nathaniel, DomW, Steve of I’ve tried it etc. There are more such great marketers inside WA, who are great sources of inspiration. Outside of WA, my most favorite online marketer is Neil Patel. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi there Kipps. I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thanks for the info after reading your review of the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

    I have been a member of the site for about 2 years now, which says a lot about what you can expect from the site. I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely up there with the best online marketing training online. I personally wouldn’t recommend anything above the training that you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

    In your list of pros and cons you list one of the cons as being the fact that Wealthy Affiliate make no earnings guarantees. But for me this was one of the main reasons that I decided to join WA. I was tired of seeing the same rubbish and it was a breath of fresh air to discover that Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t like that.

    Wealthy Affiliate was the first training product that I have found that actually gives real genuine training that works. As you have pointed out in your article both the training and the community are second to none.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I am glad we share the same view and opinion on Wealthy Affiliate. One thing I like most is that we are taught from the onset that not a single person is going to succeed online without a solid foundation – and that is building a website, in the first place according to Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate. So, all the training here is orchestrated around acquiring the web technology. Once we master the web technology many other details like keyword research, SEO, writing blog with intent etc. become meaningful and we are ready to scale our online business from the ground up. Once I paid something like $47/month for an online affiliate marketing training and I was taught all about building a list with a squeeze page. But the tutorials never ever taught me how to build a single squeeze page, not to mention a web page. It was a total waste of my time and money for three months. Now that I learned the web technology at Wealthy Affiliate, building a squeeze page is just a peanut. That, to me, is the one thing, among many, that makes WA stands out among all other training.



  4. Hey kipps,
    I love your WA review! I’m a member myself but its so far the only program that I’ve stayed with for more than a year as I’ve tried other programs but never really clicked with them.

    WA as you said is definitely the best Online Business platform there is and the features you get can never be found elsewhere. Plus the recent free SSL and having their own domain registrar pretty much makes them the top platform now since no other courses provide that in their programs.

    • Dear Riaz,

      Thank you for dropping by. Yes, for us who are with Wealthy Affiliate we have already tasted the fruits of WA and know its sweetness first-hand. But for many newbies looking for honest affiliate training platform are vulnerable in the ocean of Internet to be victimized by sharks known as con-artists. I wish to bring millions of these potential victims of scammers into this program so that they won’t waste their time and money selewhere, like us before we joine WA.

      With its training courses very much well structured, WA provides many good features like free SSL (where others charge hundreds of dollars) and unlimited free hosting (web hosting could cost from $10 to $20 / month elsewhere) on WA Platform etc., just to name a few. Joining WA was the best decision we have ever made in our life.



  5. Wow! You make Wealthy Affiliate sound like a great place and a great deal! I really like the part about no credit card! If you have to pay upfront for something, you have no way of knowing if it is a good site or not, Free trials are what get me every time.
    How long does it take to start making money?

    • Hi Kenny,

      Yes, with free trial possible for UNLIMITED time plus free tutorial etc. are the most attractive part that makes Wealthy Affiliates stands out among many other platforms. People need a risk-free, 100% transparency if they are to spend some money. And with WA, you don’t need to spend a dime and you can be a free Starter member as long as you wish. You upgrade to premium membership only when you are sure this is for you. No pressure whatsoever.

      How long it takes to make money? Oh, that’s the hardest question to answer. It all depends on your level of education, computer knowledge, writing efficiency, commitment, determination etc. etc. Many factors play their roles. I know some who already have experienced elsewhere. could make money even within weeks after they joined Wealthy Affiliate, where they first time happen to hone their skills properly to make money. Some take 5 months, one year, even 2 to 3 years according to members’ bio. So, it’s a matter of each individual’s level of readiness and commitment.

      Hope this helps answer your question.



  6. Thank you, Kipps, for writing a detailed review so that anyone interested in following this path can make an informed decision. A key point for me is that Wealthy Affiliate is primarily a training and education platform; it is not a ‘biz op’.

    While it has its own affiliate program, there is no obligation to participate in it. I know several people who are members in WA and they do not promote WA. They have affiliate niche websites and they tell me they are able to make their sites profitable because of what they learned and the support they received from the WA community, hosting staff and owners.

    I’ve heard that many members consider the community as their online “home” and there is usually someone around in the chatroom to give a helping hand.

    The price is certainly right – free to start. I love the ‘try it before you buy’ approach, and the option to continue on free for as long as desired.

    What I like about affiliate marketing is not having to fuss with warehousing, storage, shipping and customer service. I’ve been there and done that.

    As you state, WA does not give any guarantee that anyone will make money.

    It seems to me that they do want you to succeed – they provide all the help and resources to do so, but of course it is up to each individual to make it happen.

    I enjoyed reading your informative and helpful review, Thanks. ~Jude

    • Hi Jude,
      Thanks for your contributions. Yes, you got it right. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform in the first place and as you correctly mentioned it is not a business opportunity. The training is one of the best on the Internet ever. For this reason, many are reaping the fruits of their hard works – taking actions based on what they have learned from this platform. To succeed or not is another story. But if you follow the training courses step by step there is no reason for failure. Only people who won’t take action or quit will fail.

      What we have learned from Wealthy Affiliate is that success does not come EASILY or QUICKLY, as many scammers would like you to believe. Like in the offline businesses, success online need hard work, time and efforts.

  7. I liked reading your review about Wealthy Affiliate, I’m still a little afraid though because it sounds too good to be true, but I will try the free membership, I really hope there are no hidden payments and other stuff like that…


    • Dear Mark,
      With many online scams out there it is natural to be afraid or reluctant to take the opportunity offered by Wealthy Affiliate. For this reason, you are given a chance to sign up as a Free Starter member and you can browse through all the training so that you can see for yourself what is in for you, the scope of knowledge you will acquire, the extent of the work load etc. Many other platforms will promise you everything without giving you any chance to try or look into it first. So, WA is 100% transparent. And after viewing all that is inside you can either become a Premium member, be a free Starter member as long as you wish, or simply quit if this is not for you. No pressure, no obligation to upgrade.

      And moreover, if it is too good to be true, you can see for yourself how good and how true it is. You will not be left in the dark doing the guess work. These points are what make WA stand out of the crowd.
      Surely there is no upsell and no hidden payment. Instead, if you follow my advice there are bonuses that you will really love.

      I hope you enjoy your Free Starter membership and we all are here to help you. Do give me a shout if you have any problem or have any question.

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