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This post describes SEO in a simplified language. SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is all about getting “free” and “natural” search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There is no payment involved, so it’s “free”. No illegitimate method is used, instead, it uses an honest method to get rank, so it’s called “natural” search result.

The keywords used in the contents are “natural”, that means black hat SEO methods forbidden by Google are not used. We do not advocate the use of risky methods used to gain higher rankings by breaking the search engine rules. This article will address only the legitimate SEO methods, instead.

In the olden days of Internet Marketing, starting from the mid-1990s and before WordPress came into being, Website building needed a knowledge of rocket science – so it seemed. Back then if you were not a tech-savvy person, you had to rely on webmasters to get your site up and running. HTML coding, the language of webmasters, was the only way to go.

Even when you were excited with your beautifully designed new web page, there was no phone call, no one contacted you, no visitor came to your site.

Enter SEO – Site Engine Optimization

Unlike the mall, where people came searching for what they wanted, your online shop – or website – was in the cyberspace. As there was no visibility offline, you need to find ways for people browsing the Internet to find you.

So you started to do some Search Engine Optimization, by building links and optimizing keywords for Google to rank you and sent traffic to your site. Suddenly it worked! You now had regular visitors. Your business should be started to sprout. It’s not the end of the story but rather the beginning. The evolutionary process thereafter is even more dynamic. We will touch on those other aspects later in this post.

But at least, now you understand why SEO is so important. It is the life-blood of your online business. Understanding SEO is critical for outranking your competition. Doing proper SEO means knowing the exact keyword to use. Content is King and Keywords are Queen in SEO. This also means high quality, natural content is what Google is ranking you for, in the first place, but you should still pay attention to using relevant keywords.

Content is King and Keywords are Queen in SEO. This also means high quality, natural content is what Google is ranking you for, in the first place, but you should still pay attention to using relevant keywords.

Understanding Keyword

Even when you were now happy with the new traffic coming in, and have too many leads, the problem was they were low-quality leads. We need high-quality ones that convert into a purchase. So we do keyword research using free or paid keyword tools. Google created the Keyword Planner – a free keyword tool for you.

You now created a lot of contents – articles, videos, infographic, ebooks, around certain keywords to generate laser-focused traffic. Google in now playing a matchmaker role between you (your website) and your potential customers, who searched the world wide web by typing in search words or keywords to find the solutions to their problems.

If the search terms the visitors typed into the Google search bar match the exact keywords you are using for your contents, then Google rewarded you with lots of seemingly targeted traffic. Then your business should really start to blossom! But wait a minute. There still were problems with the traffic. With the huge improvement of traffic – from junk traffic to more qualified traffic, we still relied too much on what is coming in, and the traffic was still passive. There are still many “tire-kickers” in our traffic.

We need to go right into the crowd that was seeking us, to buy from us or to work with us.  We need to get truly laser-targeted traffic.

Enter Social Media

Nowadays more and more people spend a lot of time on social media, which consequently becomes the perfect medium for driving traffic to your website and thus convert into referrals or purchase.

Thus, dynamic progress has been seen in the revolutionary process of SEO ever since the advent of social media. Generating traffic through Social Media complement your SEO activities.

Getting followers and likes, getting traffic to your website, increasing the traffic consistently and all free of charge via social media become a great way to enhance your SEO.

Offering relevant and useful contents is the best way to engage your viewers on social media platforms. There are many other ways to engage with your friends and followers such as asking questions, getting feedback, holding surveys etc. These engagements help you analyze and adjust your marketing strategy.

Social media is also the best place for branding and for seeking potential buyers from your brand or offering your services to them. You bring your audience to your site via social media and assert yourself as an authority in your niche and as the source of sound advice and reliable information.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are where you build trust and credibility. You can also learn more about your target audience or customer, and likewise, your customer gets to know you better thereby increasing your conversion rate and build up brand loyalty.

Social networks are rapidly becoming the source of your site traffic like the search engines. It is increasingly unacceptable to do SEO without using social media accounts.

WordPress and All-in-One-SEO 

Using a WordPress site, like this site, solves a lot of SEO headaches we have encountered in the past. There are numerous useful WP plug-ins available that can be easily downloaded and installed on our sites.

WordPress’s All-In-One SEO plug-in take over most of the manual jobs for optimizing your site for Google and other search engines.

All-In-One-SEO plugin automatically determines your keywords, description, and content and you are freed from an SEO headache we used to endure in the past.

This does not mean you can totally forget about doing SEO manually. SEO still plays an important role when you are creating contents for your site.

Each of your articles or blog posts should center around specific keyword phrases, which are vital for achieving higher ranking within the search engines. Higher ranking brings more traffic. Without website traffic, there’s no online business.

To master SEO by using keyword effectively I would recommend you to go through this FREE TUTORIAL on Keyword at Wealthy Affiliate.

Another helpful video tutorial is Alphabet Soup Technique – Using Google Instant to Find Keywords. Watch the video below by clicking on the image.

Keyword Alphabet Soup

If you have any question or something to discuss please feel free to do so in the comment below.


  1. A very good and informative post on SEO. Good for both a newbie and people who are versed in the subject. You have helped me understand how to optimize my website better.
    I hate keyword research. Because it is so unnatural. Yet we have to play the game in order to be seen by the most people.

    Question. How important is it that keywords are in your Post title?

    • Hi VV,

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad my post is of value to you. Keyword research is boring but the truth is without having one or more keyword for our content, it is difficult for Google to rank our post or people to find it. But one thing to remember is that Content is King, not keyword. If you have any difficulty finding a relevant keyword you can now just write your content naturally. Google will rank you anyway, as long as you are writing a quality content. Google now is very sophisticated and use Latent Semantic Indexing algorithm to determine the type of our contents.

      Hope this helps.



      P.S. Having your Keyword in the post title and the Meta tag is vital in SEO because these are what Google and your readers will first find and read.

  2. Hi Kipps
    In your article you explained about all SEO basics in very simple language which is easy to understand. Lots of people think that it is very complicated. But I believe that we can learn SEO pretty quick.
    Newbies should start right here with your post.
    Thank you for sharing the video about keywords “soup method”.
    By the way, what do you think about link building strategy in SEO these days?

    • Hi Vitaliy,

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad you find it helpful.

      When is comes to link building in SEO, it is a very wide subject and in all honesty, I need to admit that I am still a student in this respect. But I would encourage you to read this: Link Building Tactics – the Complete List by Jon Cooper. It is the most comprehensive post on the subject for those of us who wanted to educate ourselves. I hope this helps.



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