Dear Friends,

This page is meant to entertain you with some insights on my thoughts and contributions from many other friends at Wealthy Affiliate and other interesting sources, collected here for your recreational reading. Some may amuse or turn you into laughter, some stories may serve as foods for thought. Some may hopefully serve as raw materials for your content ideas.

Recreation is a healthier way of coping with stress.  I hope this page will regenerate your spirit and give you the ability to better re-focus your concentration in your content writings, whenever your brain literally slows down under a stressful atmosphere of online endeavor.

Recreational Reading #1   7 Billion human beings need only one single computer!

Recreational Reading #2 The Truly True Story of the Internet: God’s Own Official Guide to Locating Everything (GOOGLE)

Recreational Reading #3: $1 Million Dollar in Heaven

Recreational Reading #4: Personal Approval