Quick Ways to Make Money Online


If you are seeking for quick ways to make money online and landed here, let me tell you bluntly that there are no such things. Bear with me, I will explain to you in more detail.


You may be made to believe that making money online is quick and easy. Scam artists use this headline to attract people who have no knowledge of making money online.

So, my sole purpose of using this headline is to help you avoid these internet marketing scammers, and to guide you to the right path if you are seriously thinking about making money online.

There are way too many scam artists promising to teach you all kinds of quick and easy money that can be made online. Stay away from these scammers. They are only bent on making themselves rich, not you. Save your money. Don’t spend your hard earned money buying eBooks or any other offers from these self-proclaimed marketing gurus. As an ex-victim of internet con artists, I am now helping beginners find the right way.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the reality of making money online, the legitimate and sure way, not the quick and easy way.

To be sure, making money online is a reality, not a myth. There are hundreds and thousands of people making money online. Yet, there are also many people losing money, in their quest to make money online.

So, the question is who are the losers, and why are they losing? Likewise, another relevant question will be who are the winners online and why are they winning? What is the different between losers and winners online?

Is making money online a reality? The answer is astounding YES! But you must have the right mindset, and commitment to take efforts. Apart from these two, another equally important factor is – you must have a right community to help you out, since online marketing success cannot be done alone. You need to associate yourselves with really generous community on your way to become a successful online entrepreneur.

So, we can now sum up the three most important factors to online marketing success as below:-

  1. The right mindset
  1. Commitment to take time and efforts
  1. Get the right community to help you out

Of course, there are still many other factors that will help you become a successful online marketer. But these three factors are the baseline, so fundamental that without these three, you should not even move any further. But once you realize the importance of these three factors, you will be ready for a right start.

Now, let us look into these three factors one by one.

1. The Right Mindset

The right mindset is not to believe in QUICK & EASY MONEY in your quest for making big money online.

Online scammers are bent on fooling people into thinking making money online is quick and easy. The truth is the opposite. They know people are naturally lazy and more easily persuaded to buy eBooks that are supposed to show you a quick and easy way to make tons of money online. This is where many beginners with no prior knowledge of online marketing fall into the wrong path. This is how scam artists make money, selling their eBooks to you that tell you nothing but crap.

2. Commitment to Take Time and Efforts

Keep in mind that making money online takes time and efforts

Do you think Facebook, Google, Amazon or any other big online money maker, made millions of dollars in the first year of operation? No. The same is true for anyone committed to online success.

If you want to make significant money online, you better be prepared to work hard for it and to invest ample time to learn all the nitty-gritty of online marketing.

Remember, online or offline success happens to only those who are patient enough to take time and efforts. This is the reality for anyone who wants to succeed.

Imagine a snowball rolling down a hill. In the beginning, it rolls down slowly and it was small. Then it gets bigger and bigger and rolls faster. This is how making legitimate money online happens. There is no other way. You need to invest a lot of time. But start small and slow. Be patient and learn the trade.

So, be 100{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} committed to invest time and efforts.

3. Get the right community to help you out

Now you know that there is no quick and easy way of making money online and it takes time and efforts, the one last thing you need is to get help from the right community from which you will learn and get help start and grow your business from the ground up – step by step, slowly but surely.

In my endeavor to become a successful online entrepreneur, I have come across many online communities claiming to give training and helping you out with all the techniques to get your business started.

But among these communities, I have come across so far, the Wealthy Affiliate Community is the most generous community I ever come across.

There are lucky ones, who happen to find them straight away when they start to search for an honest and legitimate online community. But I was not that lucky. I fall prey to con artists many a time before I landed on Wealthy Affiliate. I want you to be lucky.

If you want to start any business, you need to invest some money to educate yourself and to learn how to create wealth online. But unlike offline brick and mortar businesses, starting an online business is extremely cheap. The cheapest way to making money online is to do affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you do not need to create your own product. There are hundreds and thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate and earn a commission whenever someone buys the product you promote. Your only job is to inform your audience about the products you are promoting and the rest will be taken cared of by the vendors.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all you need to know to become a successful online marketer. The beautiful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you can start as a Free Starter member. The community will teach you and generously share with you their experiences. You can later upgrade yourself and become a paid Premium Member and this will cost you less than $1 a day if you know how to take advantage of their bonus.

Engaging in online marketing, success will not come easily if you have no community to help you. This is because online marketing success never happens when you are all on your own.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is made up of hundreds and thousands of successful online entrepreneurs helping each other achieve their goals. Many of them are already millionaires!

I would invite you to read my blog about the uniqueness of Wealthy Affiliate: Why Wealthy Affiliate is unique, genuine and honest.  CLICK HERE.


Kho Lian Kipp


  1. Hello
    What a great post.
    Making money on the internet is extremely possible but, as you say, it isn’t a quick and easy job. It takes time and hard work.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn all there is to know about internet marketing and it also has a great supportive community.

    • Hi Jackie,
      Many online fortune seekers are victimized by sharks known as con-artists. To help these victims find their way out I have written an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is really a great place and a great supportive community as you have mentioned. Its greatness is fully revealed in this review.

  2. Very well written and well structured. I know I should not be the one to criticize here as I have just started my website, but I would have put the call to action a bit higher on the page so as you land on the page you see it. Otherwise the graphics are well placed and the content is very informative. I wish you the best of luck.



    • Hi Brett,
      Thanks for your visit and feedback. For this post instead of the CTA I am directly linking my audience to my own blog post inside WA, so I don’t need to use any affiliate link (since this is my own blog at WA). Google hates too many affiliate links in such a young sites like mine. OK, I am off to your site. See you there. Thanks once again.

  3. This is a great post in helping people to avoid the online scams. Simply put, things that are worth doing are NOT easy. Making money online is same as making money offline in the way that there’s really no short cut. You need solid knowledge, skills and experience to succeed online, just like how those people can succeed in the traditional jobs.

    But I would say that there are still some easy ways to earn quick money online that are not scam. For example, there are things like paying you for doing online survey, watch video, share things, etc. These exist and some are legit. You can also make money online by selling your own stuff on Carousell. Offering freelance services on Fiverr.com is also feasible. There indeed are ways to earn fast cash. But the nature of this is that they are short term measures and they are “active income” not “passive income”.

    Anyway, thanks for this good read:)

    • Thanks Jerry for your nice comment and feedback. Yes, there are quick ways to make money online as you have pointed out. I agree with you. But the big difference is that even many of these quick ways, if not all, need a certain skill set or one need to hone it or learn it properly. All these need time and efforts anyway unless one is born as a genius. And another thing is that con-artists, bent on scamming others would sell their eBooks that promise quick and easy money, only telling the readers how they earn quick money without showing or teaching them the actual nitty-gritty of the jobs. Yes, making money online implies making “passive” not “active” income, afterall.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I think the way you broke down the basic things you need to be successful online will be very helpful for people to decide if they are cut out for affiliate marketing. I am just starting out in affiliate marketing and you aren’t kidding about the work. But I feel it is worth the time and energy. I have just started to get my posts ranked and have even made a small amount of money. It’s something I’m very proud of. I am excited to see what the future holds and am ready to work for it. Thanks for the informative insightful post.

    • Yes, Bill, these three basic things are mostly ignored by many beginners. Without a clear mindset on your part and the generous community to take care of your business, it is totally impossible to be successful online. No matter how much time and effort you put in you are still doomed to failure without these two fundamental elements of success mentioned. Likewise, even if you have a correct mindset and community ready to help you, without investing your time and effort it will be like a rocking chair that will take you now nowhere. That’s why I have highlighted these three fundamental elements of success in my blog, aimed at those beginners who are about to begin their online endeavor.



  5. Hi Kipps,

    What a great article on how to make money online. I’ve been doing this since 2008 and have never come across such sound advice! To all you people new to making money online, listen to what Kipps says in this article and you’ll do just fine! Thanks for the great advice Kipps!


    • Hi Jack,

      Thanks for commenting. It seems to me that almost all newbies who first ventured out into the online endeavor have bad experiences with GRQ scams in the beginning. Only a lucky few landed on an honest platform and scale up their online income gradually – not overnight.



  6. Hi Kipps, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Really well written and the fact it outlines issues with newcomers new to the world of online internet marketing.

    Your blog also gives great guidance in helping people to avoid online scams.

    This is one of the things I find most frustrating with anyone looking to make money online, is that they expect the money to fall from the skies yesterday. Really making money online is no different to making money offline… There is NO shortcut and it takes a lot of work and dedication for it to succeed.

    I also like how you have mentioned Wealthy Affiliates community. The community is a world on its own in helping newcomers succeed online. A necessity if you want to make your online business, a money making reality!



    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your visit and your nice comment. I believe we all should make use of all resources at our disposal to expose how online scammers are making millions of dollars by luring newbies coming into online marketing. After being scammed for many times, I can now easily spot these scammers almost intuitively just by reading the headlines of articles written by them. They commonly make newbies believe that their “easy” and “quick” method of making money online is the only shortest way to online success. And many newbies automatically get excited and buy their ideas. Such scammers will always be there. But the more newbies we could prevent from being victimized the better the online marketing world will become.



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