Is Site Sell (SBI!) a Scam?


Site Sell or Sit Built It! (SBI! in short) was my first choice among many other affiliate training I came across in 2007. Facing failure I quit SBI! in 2009. Even though I have long quit SBI! and have joined a better training platform in 2015, I will be fair and sound in my anaylsis of SBI!

Is SBI! a scam?

No. SBI! is absolutely not at all a scam. There may be some ex-SBI-ers, who conclude it is a scam. But though an ex-SBI-er myself, I do not agree with them. Why? OK. Let me explain.

I know first hand that SiteSell (or Site Build It!) is not just a website building tool but an extensive set of affiliate and e-business training platform that teaches people with totally no prior IT, PC or online marketing knowledge build websites that get traffic and generate income.

I first learned the detail about affiliate marketing from SBI! and I was really excited with the training I received back then. I could even say SBI! was my first love in affiliate marketing as it was the first ever training I came across that taught me the nitty gritty of affiliate marketing and website building. Before joining SBI! I was, like many of you, chasing every shiny object on the Internet, which all turned out to be scammers, delivering nothing but crap.

These scammers are bent on bleeding your pocket, not to teach you anything about affiliate marketing but selling their e-books, which contain no value whatsoever but pages after pages of BS! But SBI! was totally different. They delivered what they preached. They teach you almost everything you need to know about affiliate marketing “all-in-one”.

I came across some ex-SBI-ers who are bitterly against it and even accusing it to be a scam. One even vows to destroy it! The main reason they accused SBI! as a scam is that it is not the best education platform it claims to be and that its site building tool is out-dated.

Being an ex-SBI-er myself, I agree with some of these negative reviews but still I do not believe it is a scam. I do not believe the SBI!, with all its painstakingly designed training platform with about 85 “site building, hosting, and marketing tools” is deliberately bent on scamming people on the Internet.

The diligent care and efforts heavily invested to build such an enormous platform is obvious enough, at least to me, that it is not meant to scam people in the first place but rather it has seemingly aimed to be the number one most powerful and helpful educational platform for all those who wish to make an online fortune. Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI!, has contributed a vast amount of valuable and powerful knowledge and wisdom to his students. My most favorite piece, among many, being the free e-book titled “Make your Words Sell”, considered to be the copywriters’ bible. The book was written by Joe Robson and Ken Evoy.

No, I don’t subscribe to the notion of SBI! as a scam. This doesn’t mean SBI! is flawless and perfect. Of course, no single training platform is perfect.

The problems with SBI!

Contrary to many so-called internet marketing gurus who actually delivered nothing but crap, the SBI!’s step-by-step training module known as ACTION GUIDE (AG) was, to me, an eye-opener into the world of affiliate marketing.

It also included a site building tool called BlockBuilder, when I first joined SBI! back then. As pointed out by my nephew, who was well versed in web technology, I knew it from the beginning that the site building tool BlockBuilder, SBI!’s proprietary software, does not come close to the WordPress framework, which is technologically far more superior.

But for an old man like me, what alternative did I have? At that time one need to master HTML to be able to build a WordPress website and with SBI!’s BlockBuilder I didn’t need to learn anything about coding and on the other hand WordPress didn’t teach you anything about affiliate marketing, which I intended to master. Even with its inferior web building tool, the SBI! ACTION GUIDE was definitely way far better than any other training or e-books I can get my hands on.

The training was, to me as a newbie, extremely valuable. And since many SBI-ers were making good progress in their new endeavors of internet marketing with the help of SBI! I decided to go ahead with it, with which I was sort of falling in love, so to say.

My failure with SBI! site way back in 2009, as mentioned earlier, was partly due to my lack of proper determination and ample time back then, as I was still engaged with other job and interest. So I won’t put the blame entirely on SBI! for my failure. As a person determined to become an entrepreneur, I opted to blame myself, instead.

The BlockBuilder (now known as BB1) is recently upgraded to BlockBuilder 2 or BB2. With Its drag and drop site building tool, the BB2, is very impressive , especially, for newbies. With BB2 adding code is possible, but you don’t need to learn HTML, CSS, or Javascript if you are still new to coding.

Even then the SBI!’s BB2, wth its old-fashioned design, is still incomparable to the technologically far more advanced WordPress, which is also incorporated with Google-friendly SEO tools.

So, the real problem with SBI! is not that it is a scam but it has a flawed business strategy from the beginning. SBI!’s BB1 or the upgraded BB2 are propriety software with which SBI! is trying to reinvent the wheel instead of using the more advanced and stable CMS like WordPress.

So, SBI! sites look heavily templated and many SBI-ers are eventually migrating in drove to WordPress sites. SBI! may look great for total newbies but once these newbies become experienced and smarter bloggers and reach a higher level, they will become frustrated with the inferior web technology of SBI!’s web building tool.

In contrast to the SBI!, Wealthy Affiliate, which I joined in 2015, uses WordPress as its technological foundation.

Upsells at SBI!

Within SBI! you can get professional help comprising Research / Writing / Traffic / Monetization / Social / Traffic / etc. and the following is their rates.

SiteSell Custom Works Professional Rate (Latest)

½ hr. Custom Works $54.-

1 hr. Custom Works $99.-

2 hrs. Custom Works $198.-

3 hrs or more Custom Works $95/hr. ( $285.- or more)

These are the rates of SBI!’s in-house services provided by 40+ SBI! professionals.

Wealthy Affiliate does not have such in-house paid professional services, but you can ask any question related to SEO, web issues or any affiliate marketing related questions in the forum or Live Chat. You can also ask Kyle and Carson (the owners of WA directly). The WA community is out there to extend their help 24/7 without any extra cost.

Kyle and Carson do recommend outsourcing your tasks like research, writing blogs etc. to third party services once you are monetizing from your website(s).

Site Sell (SBI!) v/s Wealthy Affiliate

I became a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate in 2015. That means I am in a good position to review and compare the two affiliate training platforms.

Basically, the step by step affiliate marketing trainings of the SBI! and Wealthy Affiliate are both impressive and similar.  But there are major differences as well. Wealthy Affiliate provides far more advanced technology and supports. (see the comparative chart below).

But the main deciding factor for me to stick to Wealthy Affiliate and never to go back to SBI! is the cost factor.

The Wealthy Affiliate will cost you $ 49.- per month, but if you opt for yearly payment, there is a 40{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} discount that will cost you only $ 359.- As a Starter Member, you don’t need to pay a dime and take the training from Lesson 1 to 10 of Level 1 for free. You can remain a free member for life if you so wish. And more importantly, there is no upsell at WA. As a free starter member of WA you will get two free websites, with which you can monetize your business. But if you are a premium member you will get 25 free Site Rubix websites and another 25 Custom Domain websites, with totally free hosting.

The SBI! costs $ 29.99 per month with 90 days money back guarantee, and the annual fee is $ 299.- but you will get a free hosting for ONLY ONE custom domain website. Even though the SBI! looks more cost effective, the catch here is: once you want to build more sites you have to pay another $ 299 / annual for each additional site! That is outrageous – it is a shockingly bad business model.

For example, once you are reaching a higher level and say you are about to have 5 websites then you have to pay $299 for every new site you set up on SBI! platform and that amount to a total of $1495 / annual ($299 x5)! That is totally ridiculous.

OK for the sake of comparison let us use the Wealthy Affiliate offer of free hosting for 25 Custom Domain and another 25 Site Rubix Domains for an annual membership fee of just $ 359.- as a standard and you want to compare this against SBI!

For the same number of 25 Custom Domain websites, the SBI! will annually cost you 25x$299, which is unbelievably equal to an annual fee of $ 7475! You are ridiculously made to buy the same training material like the ACTION GUIDE and the same Web building tools like the Brainstorm It!, BlockBuilder 2 etc. each time you build and host another extra website.

That’s why I have said that though SBI! is not at all a scam, it has in fact, an inferior business model, which became too obvious especially when you compare it with the Wealthy Affiliate.

Comparative Chart Wealthy Affiliate v/s Site Sell (SBI!)


Verdict: SiteSell (SBI!) is not recommended

Recommended reading: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Do you have any experience with SBI! Please do share your opinions here. Even if you are an SBI-er and do not agree with my review of SBI! you are welcome to comment below. Any input is appreciated.

Wait a minute, I have but one positive information to share with you about SBI!

 SBI! for WordPress 

After years of failed business strategy, the SBI! has eventually awakened and has come up with a new business strategy. In 2014 it developed a plugin for WordPress users called SBI! for WordPress.

This new WordPress plugin is being developed to incorporate all the nice things of SBI! including

  1. The Action Guide
  2. A Keyword Research Tool
  3. Knowledge Base For Business Information
  4. Support From Forum and Community etc.

What is interesting or attractive is the price, which costs you only $17/month, or if you want the annual fee is $149.00 ( 27{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} off the monthly cost). Or you can also go for the 30-days Free Trial.

I would recommend you to go first for the Free Trial and find out and decide on your own if this is for you. To be honest, I am right now with Wealthy Affiliate, so I am not using this SBI’s plugin yet, even though I find their price tag and all other SBI! tools  attractive.

The one negative thing with the SBI! for WP is that there is no web hosting included. Other than that I think this plugin deserve some credit.

Learn More About SBI! for WP

From now until December 30th, you can get SBI! for WP on sale for 33{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} off your first year.

Kho Lian Kipp


  1. Hi there !
    I definitely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate offers many advantages in term of the cost of the training but also Wealthy Affiliate provides far more advanced technology and supports that you can’t really find in any other Program. I could tell you right the way that is the main reason I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate 7 weeks ago. With that, I’m willing to recommend everyone who is interested in online Business to chose Wealthy Affiliate as I did.
    I found your article very informative. And Thank you for sharing !

    • Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your nice comment. We can work together and help each other as we belong to the same community, which is extremely helpful.

  2. Dear PatLemy, Thanks for your positive comment. Yes, with Wealthy Affiliate, we do not need any other third party platform. As you are now experiencing the benefits of joining the WA, I can assure you to reach your ultimate goal. If you are stuck anywhere, the community is here to help you. Feel free to contact me directly or inside WA. Wish you all success and let’s keep in touch.

  3. Wealthy Affiliate is the place where you can build a successful online business, the good part is that this it is an organization that has the most advanced training that helps you on your way to online success.

    • Hi Norman,
      I am happy that you are at the same page with me. I hope you are progressing with your online endeavor with the training received at Wealthy Affiliate. Wish you all success.

  4. I agree that one of the main reasons I chose Wealthy Affiliate was because there were no up sells after joining premium.

    Your logo is well-designed and original, nice job!

    • Hi Wenxi Chu,
      Nice that you stopped by and many thanks for your positive remarks. Yes, ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate I never look back. Unlike any other platforms out there, there is no upsell here and the community is extremely helpful. I am progressing in leap and bound.

  5. I tend to be somewhat impulsive and I have chased many shiny on-line money making opportunities only to be disappointed and disillusioned by most. I have never tried SBI, but I found your review and comparison of WA and SBI to be just the kind of information that is hard to come by on-line. I hope this is not too personal, but how did you push through the frustration of “what if this just cant happen for me and its all a scam?” or did you have those thoughts. I have been working on my dream of financial freedom for several years but find i can fall back into my limiting beliefs pretty easily and that makes me walk past my computer. Any inspiring words? I just really want to know if I pour my heart and soul into this, It can happen. thanks

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Many of us are being scammed when we first started to chase shiny objects. I think only the lucky few have landed on the right platform to start their online affiliate business. Lately, a friend of mine mentioned that this (being scammed) is the way we learned to differentiate between legit and dishonest platform. For us former victims of these con-artists what he said seems to have some truth. We become more careful and sensitive when it comes to offers on the Internet and through our bad experiences we are more sensitive to be able to spot illegitimate products. As mentioned in my comparative review both platforms are honest though with differing business model. By far Wealthy Affiliate is the most reliable platform incomparable to any other affiliate training courses out there. Of course, I have been very suspicious of any online offer until I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate. The “what if?” moment disappear the moment you make an entry into WA. This is because unlike other offers, the WA offers a free trial for any length of time. So, at any moment you make up your mind that this is not legit you can “fall back” any time without losing a penny. So, just go ahead and don’t look back. You only need to be 100% committed to be successful online.

  6. Nothing beats Wealthy Affiliate. Lower cost to join. All training, tools and Support are come in a full package. The support is just so great I could look for a better Site to join. What can I say I have found the best Site that gives me a step higher than if I searched around the internet to help me out on my online entrepreneurship career

  7. Hi, Kipps!

    It’s great to see your website.

    Well done! SBI has been around a long time and has a good reputation by me. I tried it years ago. At the time I was very new to internet marketing and found SBI very intimidating, but I did learn a lot.

    Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate which really helped me get my internet ducks in the row. Between Site Sell and Wealthy Affiliate I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

    The free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate makes it a no-brainer.

    • Hi Gary,

      Nice, you have come by and visit my site. Yes, I too have been fascinated with SBI! and like you said I have also learned a lot from them. But WA Platform is far too superior in many ways. I am only wondering if the SBI! 4 WordPress is getting popular, I have made a one month trial, but decided to remain here at WA because this place is already a place I call home. I think that SBI4WP is much better than their main SBI! propriety software.

      Any new SBI-ers, I think, will opt for SBI4WP, even just because they can have a WordPress site. See, Kyle & Carson have a very smart business strategy – the Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress – without re-inventing the wheel! That is really clever. Unlike SBI! both Kyle & Carson are very active in the community and always accessible.



  8. Hi Kipps,

    Your post claims that SBI is an inferior business model to WA. Allow me to explain, with data, how your claim that WA is better, is incorrect.

    We recently noticed a flood of “reviews” like this by affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate, recommending WA over Solo Build It!.

    So we performed a study that compares the two platforms, head-to-head. The study is objective, mathematically significant and reproducible. Anyone can do the exact same study so there is no way this can be “made up.

    The entire 3-part report on WA and the study is at…


    The results and conclusions are striking…

    SBI! outperforms WA significantly (ex., 33X more likely for solopreneurs to be “Outstanding-Excellent”)

    Part 2 of the study explains how anyone can repeat this study. They’ll get the same results.

    I encourage you to read the study and reconsider this review and your recommendation. With reviews like this one, you’re doing harm to honest, hard working people who are ready to work at building an online business to achieve goals that matter to them.

    We’d love to see you making a recommendation that will improve someone’s life, rather than having a result that will almost surely lead to disappointment (only 53 of 17,000 WA sites end up in the category that gets high traffic.

    Hoping you reconsider, Kipps.

    Erin for SiteSell.com

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