History of Home Part II

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A Brief Historical Sketch of HOME (PART II)

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Today, as the twenty first century dawns and at the height of new and revolutionary technological innovations, millions and millions of people the world around are coming back Home in droves on a daily basis. The advanced technology, including the Internet, PC, smart phones and hosts of new, cheap and highly efficient communication tools made available to man, are bringing us back to the origins of our lives – Home.

De-massification of the Mass and the Emergence of Diversified Society

           The old centralized industrial system is giving way to a more de-centralized new society following the information revolution. Consequently, the “mass” society as we have known is now demassified. We are moving out of the old industrial age. Remember our forefathers once moved out of the farms, out of the Home to work in the factory and office. Home life is now making a comeback but this time around on a higher level. Now as in the past, another new wave of change is sweeping across the globe again and we need to adapt to the new era, if we are to survive in this new environment.

Mass manufacturing industries like auto, steel, rubber, textile etc. the backbone of traditional industrial economies are waning, workers are laid off. Workers are now replaced by computerized robots. These workers have no hope of regaining the jobs they have lost. In the same manner, the peasants were once being driven off the farm lands, the workers are now forced to leave their work places. Today’s factories do not need muscular men anymore. Repetitive works, which used to demand less brain power, like hammering, screwing, painting, fixing machine parts, are now replaced by high-tech driven robots.

We are seeing co-production and customized production along with the rise of electronics, computers, genetics, smart phones, aerospace, alternative energy and service industries that are striving and expanding as we are moving deeper into the twenty first century.

The Emergence of Diversified Social Media

Unlike the old industrial technology that enhanced centralized management, today’s technology enables direct broadcast satellite, cable, podcasting, blogging and networking; small audience media for diverse interests groups, information instantly shared on diverse social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google + etc. are replacing the once powerful centralized mass media. These social media serve the interests of the newly emerging diverse interest groups by enabling them to share vital information cheaply and instantly. The old era of powerful mass media is now waning.

The Emergence of Home-based Education

Demassified trainings or Home-based education is gradually and surely replacing the mass education. Today online universities, accredited or otherwise are everywhere on the Internet. More education in the Home needs more parental involvement. More creativity and less memorization is now the new concept in this new revolutionary educational system. One good example is the khanacademy.org which has attracted 10 million students from around the world, teaching them hosts of subjects totally free of charge. Salman Khan, its founder, a Pakistani American, has totally re-invented the definition of education, enabling our children to learn anything from the comfort of Home. The old Home-based education is making a comeback with vengeance, and this time around at a highly sophisticated level.

Women, Children, Older People and Disabled are Empowered


The demassified society is altering our family values and our Home. As the number of educated women is increasing, they are empowered more than ever before. Their roles are no more just to stay at Home knitting or as Homemakers in the “empty nest”. They combine their career with motherhood from the comfort of Home, They regard themselves equal to man, online or offline entrepreneurs creating “jobs”. With cheap and easy to use communication tools, there are thousands of forms of “work” that can be done at Home. The old industrial society is now being replaced by the information society.

Digital natives” is the new identity coined for children, who are born into the digital revolution. They are the masters of the new digital technology, from whom the adults or the “digital migrants” are learning the trait today. Many of today’s adults never ever had been brought up in the digital environment as a child. Moreover, the devices, which many of them were using a few years back, like type-writers and tape recorders, are now obsolete.

Here is a real life modern day story:-

Once a dad, who was terribly busy typing a document on his computer, consulted his daughter the proper keyboard combination for a certain symbol, goes the story….

Daughter: “Papa I showed you many times already why are you asking me that again and again?”

Dad: “Yes dear, but I couldn’t recall it anymore.”

Daughter: “That’s why I told you to mark them down on a piece of paper, isn’t it?”

Dad: “I did. But I cannot locate that piece of paper anymore, my dear.”

Never before in the history did the adults need to learn from children. Now the “digital migrants” need to learn from the “digital natives”. Adults, who are eager “digital migrants” should be realistic and patient enough when being snubbed, rebuffed or scolded by their kids. What a big irony. Many a time we see adults – parents and grandparents – marvel at their young offspring, often less than ten years old, programming computer with ease.

Women and children who were the subjects of exploitation during the industrial age are now coming to the forefront to be able to lead the society. The older generations, who wanted to survive in this digital age, are at the mercy of the digital natives. The world has turned upside down. The fundamental concept of the old era, where the nuclear family send children to school to train them to “work” in the corporation, is now outmoded, to say the least.

We used to say that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. But actually, children are already leading today’s society. Moshe Kai Cavalin, for instance, was only 17 when he joined NASA to help develop surveillance technology for airplanes and drones. For children to take the leading roles in the society, they don’t need to wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is now!

As the twenty first century is dawning, we will need training, retraining and still more training for both digital natives and digital migrants alike. Unlike training for a particular skill, many of these training are aimed to help people transform themselves into a wholly new ways of life. One of the best examples is the Wealthy Affiliate University which is a training platform that is transforming thousands of people to adapt the work-life at Home and to survive the many new challenges of the twenty-first century.

Tofler Quote (2)

We will need to adopt to life-long training, life-long learning. Call it education or training or whatever you like. There are way too many new knowledge emerging every single day that will change our lives for the better or worse. Once we stop learning, we are doomed to fail in our endeavor.

The concept of paid “job” is a product of the industrial revolution. As the industrial age ends, this concept will eventually fade away. Or the concept needs to be realistically redefined to include many activities that are productive –but unpaid! Imagine tons of information available free of charge on the Internet. Many people are sharing or giving away invaluable knowledge via the Internet. They are unpaid. But they make decent living through sharing high-quality contents on the Internet totally free of charge. It seems to be a paradox. Think of Google Adsense, which rewards quality content websites with passive income. Also think of the Khan Academy. It provides free education for everyone, everywhere. It survives on generous donations from Bill Gates and many others. We need to rethink the meaning of the very words like “job”, “employment” or even “unemployment.”

Hard works and quality services will be unpaid BUT rewarded generously by the great Google or by the wider  human community.

If the culture of the old industrial era exalt and reward punctuality, obedience to the central authority, adherence to host of top-down bureaucratic rules, dedication to a lifelong employment under a single company etc. the new information era rewards those who have cognitive skills, who are flexible, adaptive to ever changing technology, etc. And it will furthermore reward individuality, entrepreneurialism, creative dreamers, and most importantly, those who are future-oriented. These new traits apply to any corner of the world as people everywhere, regardless of where you are located, be it in Russia, or Africa or America, Europe or in Asia. Every human being on the planet has literally equal access to all information available on the Internet. This is the level play ground created by the Internet, and the impact will be felt by all who have proper access to the Net.

Statistics indicate that more and more people are working from Home and the number is increasing exponentially. This does not mean that there will be a single pattern of earning a living. The traditional workplace may not disappear totally, anytime soon. There are people who still commute and work between the traditional workplace and the digital Home. There are a variety of work patterns as there are a variety of industries, products, and required skills. But one thing to be sure of is that the traditional workplace is no more the only option for people who want to earn a decent living without someone bossing around them.

Digital Home is definitely a new option opened for handicapped people, older people or housewives who were once forced into the so-called “non-productive” roles in society. Blogging from the comfort of digital Home could even be more productive, in many cases, if not in all cases, than working at the traditional workplace. Home itself has changed. It becomes less lonely or isolated.

Working from Home is the Highest Manifestation of Decentralization

As the “mass” created by the industrial civilization is effectively “demassified”, the old centralized society is rapidly and incresingly “decentralized”. The once powerful top-down vertical management system is giving way to the new horizontal management system. No power whatsoever, how strong or powerful, could be able to reverse the wheel of history, that is destined to move forward and only forward.

Working or earning from Home is, indeed, the highest manifestation of decentralization.

For women, children, old people and handicapped, who once were considered “non-productive” or are forced to stay at Home or anyone on Earth, who abhors someone bossing around them, are invited to join this global social movement.

Home is the Center Again

According to the experts, more than 45{0caf5c268b9bbcf0ee8f9feb12dbc78c5c9c866de01574ab2a0efebe068596a7} of factory workers in the USA are soon to be replaced by the ever increasing rate of automation. So, more people are expected to join the thousands of affiliate marketers who have already find better ways to earn money from the comfort of their homes and earning decent passive income.

If you are determined to turn your passions into a full-time income, Wealthy Affiliate University would show you the way. WAU is a new approach to higher education, the difference with traditional Universities being that WAU education would provide you with the knowledge, tools, and training to start creating a long term income for yourself without ever leaving your home.

This kind of opportunity is something you will never get from your school or college. Traditionally, schools and universities of the Industrial Age did not or were not obliged to provide such a one-in-all survival package along with the training or with the curriculum. However, for the 21st. century universities like the WAU, the training are equipped with vital tools for your immediate implementation and success.

Sooner or later your employer is going to replace you with a computer. So, instead of being at the mercy of an employer it’s better you learn to make a fortune for yourself by learning the strategies from the Wealthy Affiliate University.

So the message here is loud and clear: “Come back home and become your own boss!

This is REVOLUTION! And this is REAL! Join us NOW! at Wealthy Affiliate University.

For anyone who wishes to pursue financial FREEDOM, time FREEDOM, and location FREEDOM ….

Join the world wide work @ Home movement NOW!

  • In my next posts, I will touch about the best platform for Home-based business and how to empower yourself from the comfort of your Home.


Kho Lian Kipp


  1. I think that over the coming years, more and more people will be working from home. Many companies are de-centralising their services and no longer require you to commute to work every day.
    It is truly the Internet age, and learning these skills are essential to keeping up.
    Very interesting and informative post 🙂

  2. Hi John, Many thanks for your input. Now that disruptive technology is speeding up the capitalist dynamic of creative destruction, researchers estimated that 83% of jobs paying less than $20 per hour could soon be automated in the US. As the substitution of digital technologies for cognitive work accelerates and the development of machine learning mature more and more people will be driven back to Home. For some this trend may be frustrating but in reality, like it or not, Home will once again become the center of social activities. And we all should be preparing to embrace this new trend instead of complainng against the tsunami of change.

  3. KIPP,
    Thank you so much for the heads up on the global social movement.. And yes I feel you are right. The company’s out there today are becoming automated and that is extremely scary. Even at the grocery stores, they have the self scan to ring up your own grocery order, so there go the cashiers. I have been looking for something else to do as well because lately I am not feeling like my position I hold isn’t to secure. I would love to learn how to be a stay at home worker and learn what it takes to become an affiliate marketer! I am with you, thank you again and I will be making the decision on WAU. Thank you KIPP in steering us to a safety net!

    • Dear Debra,

      Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your opinion. Yes, automation is coming into all aspects of services and productions and that is indeed scary. However, there is a reason to be optimistic. With the accelerating speed of technological development, the alternative to being kicked out from the workplace is – going back home. The technology that is taking away our jobs is, at the same time creating new opportunities for us to work and earn remotely from the comfort of our home.

      I would assure you that your decision to join the WAU is a right one. There are thousands of ways to earn our living online without anyone bossing around. I wish you all success in your WA endeavor and do feel free to give me a shout, should you need any guideline or have any question. I and the whole community is behind you to help you out.



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