How to Build a Free Website in 5 Minutes

There are several free website builders on the Internet. Most of them provide no support. But the good news is that SiteRubix is incorporated with free support to help you build a successful website.

I am using SiteRubix website builder myself and know it first-hand that it is the best and Number ONE website builder. That means I am a living proof that this program is the best you can find on the Internet, and not only that you can take me as your personal mentor, I and my community will help you further build a successful website. As a beginner, you need to use the right tools with which to set up a website in a few minutes.

If you are about to start an online business it is vital for you to have a website, as your solid foundation.

So, please seriously consider this step of website building as building a solid foundation for your business.

SiteRubix is my favorite free website builder for many good reasons.

Why build with SiteRubix?

SiteRubix allows you to build TWO truly professional websites for totally free.

Use of SiteRubix free website allows you a maximum flexibility in that you can delete and change your domain name and restart another free website at any time and as many times as you wish. This gives the new beginners a flexibility of going through a trial and error period, naturally unavoidable for newbies.

It is supported by Wealthy Affiliate, the best online business training platform. To promote your website and to monetize from it, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a free training of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (Level 1). Most of the other site building platforms lack this kind of free online business training and support.

FREE Online Business Training

Other advantages of using SiteRubix

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions are provided for you to set up your site.
  • SiteRubix is WordPress platform, the most widely used Content Management System (CMS)
  • The platform provides a newbie friendly environment.
  • Unlike other platforms, SiteRubix also provides free hosting.
  • All the above features mean it has an advantage over all other website builders.
  • To be really successful online you need a community to help you through. The Wealthy Affiliate Community, made up of hundred of thousands of members, is there to help you succeed online. There are no such support or community behind other site building platforms. So, SiteRubix is unique.
  • You get direct access to me, the creator of this website, The Power Infosumer Network. I was once in your position with zero knowledge of web technology. Yes, I knew nothing about web technology when I was about to build this website. I build this website from scratch, all on my own, following the training courses on Wealthy Affiliate and using SiteRubix. You can do it too. Once you master the technology of website building, your business life is under your full command.
  • Setting up a website using SiteRubix is the fastest setup available anywhere.
  • If you are about to start your niche or hobby website to supplement your income stream we can help you succeed. Or any other kind of business or social activities that you are passionate about, we can help you too.
  • The Wealthy Affiliate is recognized as a leader in helping thousands of new online start-ups for more than 10 years and help them succeed.

How to build your free Website with SiteRubix

In order to ease the process of building your first free Website with SiteRubix please click the link below and watch the short tutorial first.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: See how Website building is made easy and quick. 

Now that you have seen the video and know the four simple STEPS to build a SiteRubix Website you can start building your own FREE WordPress website RIGHT NOW by entering a domain in the box below. It will instantly indicate whether your choice of domain name is TAKEN (unavailable) or AVAILABLE. And you have to choose another suitable domain name for your website if it indicated as TAKEN.

Once you got the AVAILABLE domain press the Build it Now, blue Button, at the right end and you are ready to go.

 You need to be aware that this free website domain name is actually a sub-domain because you are creating a site that is part of the domain. So your site domain will look like this:

You now have your first ever WordPress website, built by yourself and the website is not only fully functional but also up and running.

Last but not the least, you should be aware of the following special features of your website, you have built right now:-

  • Installing and Setup are very easy.
  • No coding, no knowledge of HTML needed.
  • More than 1,400 different themes available.
  • More than 10,000 “add on” features and website functionality.
  • The community help and support is impressive.
  • SiteRubix offer FREE Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates for your custom domain website. That means you can have a https:// domain encrypted and secured. Another big plus for having SSL is that it helps in your Google Ranking.
  • Normally, SSL certificates can cost you annually up to a few hundred dollars. With SiteRubix you are getting it FREE because we believe YOU and everyone have the right to have a secured website.

So, Congratulations! We wish you all success. If you need any help or you have any question or you have something in mind to discuss regarding this blog post, please leave a comment below or you can contact me directly inside of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

I and the whole Community is there to help you out.





  1. Thanks a lot for outlining the specifics of the site Rubix platform. I hear a lot about WA, but this is a solid foundation for the future really, as all or our businesses need this sort of reliable platform to host, create, store, and profit from perhaps the best one out there on the web.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Yes, you got it right. Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform out there helping you build a solid foundation for your online business. Until now I haven’t found any other platforms comparable to WA. I would even appreciate if you could let me know any other platform that is better than Wealthy Affiliate so I can make a review.



  2. Thank you for this information, Kipps. Site Rubix looks like a great tool that anyone wanting to build free website can use. The fact that it uses WordPress is a huge plus with all the free themes available. The most important thing looks like the support you get from the Wealthy Affiliate community. Free website builders may be easy enough, but it is always good to have help available 24/7, and that is what you get building a website with Site Rubix via Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi NathanG,

      Yes, by joining Wealthy Affiliate and using its SiteRubix site builder to build a WordPress website for free is like winning three lottery tickets. These tickets won’t make you get rich overnight, that is not guaranteed by us. But you will be at the threshold of a successful online entrepreneur world and there is no limit to how much you could earn. The sky is the limit. We used to compare building an online business with building a skyscraper! Not just a little hut. To build a skyscraper, you need a strong foundation. So that’s it. The three elements in your hands right now are the solid foundation – Site Rubix, WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate. Success is certain when you are using them.



  3. Hey Kipps,
    Loving this Site Rubix guide of yours, I remember 5 years back when I paid web designers to create a website for me thousands because last time, we used coding to create sites.

    WordPress was just starting up so nobody knew but now, everyone can build one easily and for free some more! Such a great opportunity, I wish we had this last time but I hope other who come across this page of yours can get a fresh kickstart online and Site Rubix is one of the best platforms to date. Thanks for sharing this article, looking forward for your future posts 😀

    • Hi Riaz,

      SiteRubix is using WordPress. which is an Open Source project. That means it is free. And with SiteRubix, building a WordPress site becomes incredibly easy. Adding to all the advantages of using SiteRubix to build WordPress website, the Wealthy Affiliate even provide a free affiliate training and a generous community behind to support you. So, what else do we need? Do visit this website regularly, we will provide you further with many other free tools that are really cool.



  4. Wealthy Affiliate was definitely an interactive course I don’t regret signing up for. I didn’t realize there are more than 10,000 add on features and 1,400 themes. That’s really worth having a subscription to access so many website functions that normally charge extra like SSL.

    It’s pretty clever to build a WordPress website incorporated on SiteRubix and embedded inside Wealthy Affiliate platform. You could start a website right away even with a free account. It was very beginner-friendly.

    • Hi Chuw5,

      Moreover, at Wealthy Affiliate, there are tons of information and knowledge that could help you become a successful online entrepreneur. The community really take care of you when you are stuck on the way. Other features like free SSL and free web hosting and free training for Starter Members etc. what makes it most attractive. “Don’t look back, just go ahead, success is certain”, these are seen repeatedly from other senior members and I think that is so true. With all the tools and training course for success are made available in one place, there is no room for doubters.



  5. Hi Kipps

    This is a great review and very well explained. The most important part is the 24/7 support because it becomes very frustrating when building a website, especially if you are new, you get stuck and have to wait 2 days for an answer from support.

    I have been using Site Rubix for about 2 months now and find it very easy to use, all thanks to the training provided at WA. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to start building a strong foundation for their online marketing business.

    Kind regards,


    • Dear Kamil,

      Yes, the 24/7 support from SiteRubix is really fantastic and without that my website won’t be where it is now. No other platform compares. Many of us at Wealthy Affiliate have no idea about web technology at the beginning, but most of us are now building elegant looking websites with professional standard SEO. It is the strong WA Community that helps us build a solid foundation for our online business.



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