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  1. A great opportunity and insight indeed the power of internet offered to us. However I will still like to point out that this mass of information that is available in the click of a button has also in my view flood us with too much information. We need to spend some energy to filter what is really important. However theres really ups and downs for this. It is for us to make use and utilise the benefits in this and make use of the internet in this modern age.

    • Thanks Adrain Yeow for sharing your opinions. It is so true that we have “too much information” to borrow your word and that is in anothér word what we infosumers call “the information overload”. Again it is so true when you pointed out that “We need to spend some energy to filter what is really important”. That is exactly one of the many the aims and objectives of the And the “really ups and downs” you mentioned -which ever way you define them- are to me the scammers and the scammed are the “downs” and exposing the scammers and protecting newbies and guiding them to avoid them are the “ups”.

      Again, I couldn’t agree more when you mentioned “It is for us to make use and utilise the benefits in this and make use of the internet in this modern age.” This is why we need a “POWERFUL NETWORK” like Wealthy Affiliate community of networks that is doing exactly just that. Stay tuned, we will continue to inform you and other serious visitors about these and cover a lot of variety of other related topics in this blog.

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  2. Hi Kipp!
    Beautiful, excellent and innovative. The idea of working and earning from home would definitely become a trend, as you envisaged.
    It is true that to become visible in the jungle of cyberspace won’t be an easy job. But I hope and wish you success in your undertaking.

    • Thanks Sai Wansai for your nice comment. Yes, surely it will be an uphill struggle to make oneself visible in the vast universe of Internet with millions and millions of blogs out there uploaded on a daily basis. But luckily the Wealthy Affiliate which I nick-named the Powerful Infosumer Network is helping me find my way towards becoming a successful blogger. At a glance the job of making oneself visible seems to be next to impossible. But once you learn the skills known as Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO and also skillfully use the “low hanging fruits” or “long tail keywords” you are sure to win the race and get to the top in no time. Soon, I will be blogging about these skills that I have already learnt and mastered. There are many WA-trained bloggers getting to the top result of Google Serach Engine. SEO and mastering Keyword is the basic for your success. Please stay tuned. You will be inpired and empowered as promised.

  3. Kipps,

    That was a very riveting page on the path of civilization. A lot of different factors along the timeline that I had no idea. I have the feeling of being back in school. Great Job. I do have a question though, You mention Wealthy Affiliate and advise your visitors to join. What reasons would a person have to join Wealthy Affiliate instead of some other program?

    • Dave, thanks for your nice comments and good question. Since the information revolution is bringing us back to Home there are a lot of scammers out there in the vast universe of the Internet with the only intent to bleed the wallets of home-coming newbies. And we need to help them find a genuine and legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate that is honestly helping thousands of people achieve online success from the comfort of their homes.Yes, there are many, or literally thousands of programs from which to choose. As a one time newbie myself I have come across quite a lot of them, to whom I have given away hundreds, if not thousands of my hard earned money in the hope of finding a new path to online success without being delivered what they promised. The moment I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, my life has changed so dramtically that I am now determined to help as many newbies as possible not to fall prey to scam artists. I will write more blogs in the coming weeks and months about my first hand experiences and indept reviews of other programs I have come across and a comprehensive reports on how exactly the Wealthy Affiliate is changing my life and of many others. In short, this website itself is being build with the trainings I recieved from the Wealthy Affiliate. If a dumb old man or a “digital migrant” could build such a web page, anybody can. Stay tuned and do visit my site regularly there are tons of information and knowledge I will be sharing with you – all free of charge!

  4. Hello there,

    This, honestly, was one of the better reads i’ve had in months. At first you painted a very happy picture of home life as it was in century’s past. The warm agrarian culture and lifestyle where everything basically happened there. Then a very sad picture about how everyone was driven into metropolitan living. BUT the story ends happy and hope filled. With learning, earning and family spending more and more time in the home again. Maybe we can get back to what it was like before? Or another version of?


    • Hi Antony, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the happy ending is there and it is a reality and more importantly a possibility. But the sad thing is many still will fall prey to scam artists on their way to happy reunion with home life. While the new technology is pushing us out of the factory and offices and bringing us back home the devils are out there ready to rob these home-coming workers. We need to inspire and empower these vulnerable potential victims of scam artists. In this way we can help make this world a better place in the future. But the task would be ernomous that a lone ranger would not afford to do it alone. For this reason we need to build a lot of powerful networks of like-minded people. Hence: The Power of Infosumer Network. Do join the movement NOW!

  5. Thank you Kipp! It is amazing how far civilization has advanced through the years. Your post is a lesson in history worth reading repeatedly. I enjoyed it!

    • Hi Cheng,
      Its nice that you enjoy the post.Change is everywhere and the only thing that will not change is “change” itself.
      Those who cannot change their mind-set will be left out.

  6. A good analysis of the agricultural and insustrial age. We as the baby boomers and generation xers were moulded and programmed by society to follow In our parents (fathers) footsteps and become artisans or whatever career path they followed, because society and the times decreed that was the norm. Due to the lack of access or channels to knowledge we were perpetually dependant on a limited source of information to be creative and innovative, hence the predictable “follow in your father’s footsteps” cycle.

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for your comment and input. Time has changed so rapidly as the information technology develops faster than we can adopt. We as baby boomers need to follow our kids’ foorsteps, its an irony.

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