Who’s Kipps

Hi Friends,

My name is Kipps, founder and creator of “The Power of Infosumer Network“. It is my pleasure to welcome you here at  <powerinfosumernetwork.com>.

I am living in Hamburg, Germany with my beloved wife Nelly since 1986.

I am a long time social activist turn online entrepreneur with a passion for civic education and social movement. My goal is to eventually become a social entrepreneur and to bring greater social impact and social changes in my home country Burma.

Moreover, I am deeply committed to helping you and whosoever that visit my website to avoid the same mistakes I have made in the past while trying to acquire knowledge about Internet Marketing and not to fall prey to thousands of scammers out there.

Today, I have acquired the vital skills of Internet Marketers and ready to assert myself as a successful online business strategist. I do not claim to be an expert. But I am now in a position to share my skills and knowledge to all my friends from the world over – all free of charge. I will share with you all the best tools, resources and techniques I am using to become a successful online marketer and  this will help you grow your own business as well.

Come join me on my new journey to FREEDOM

Through this website I will also inspire, empower and help others who are struggling to build a new life and help them to eventually attain freedom of time, location and freedom from all kinds of evil – not to mention the 9-5 rat race.

What is “The Power of Infosumer Network

I belong to the powerful Wealthy Affiliate Community. It is a huge Network, whose 300,000 members are consuming, sharing and generating information on a daily basis. To sum up all the act of consuming, sharing and generating information on the Internet I have chosen the term “infosumer“. We, members of the Wealthy Affiliate are a Network of Powerful Infosumer. Henc we are “The Powerful Infosumer Network“.

To be a successful online entrepreneur you need to engage yourself with a Network of other like-mimded online business bloggers like the Wealthy Affiliate.

My Business Ethic

As one of the victims of Internet scammers, I commit myself not to promote any product that is not legitimate and genuine. In other word, even if promoting a certain product would bring me millions of dollars overnight, I would not do so, if it is not proven to be real and beneficial for the buyers.

Contact me

I learned the secret to working at home from the Wealthy Affiliate which helped me established this websites. And at the Waelthy Affiliate Network we are helping each other with all the nitty gritty of the internet marketing. I can help you on your way to become a successful affiliate. Contact me at the Wealthy Affiliate. It is absolutely FREE to join and its the best way you can get help from me and many other helpful entrepreneurs.

CLICK HERE and contact me directly if you’re really determined to earn your living from the comfort of your home.

It is really wonderful to have you here today and I hope this website will be of great help to you to change your life in reaching your online business goals. I will see to it that your visit to this site is a time well spent.  

Join me on this new journey and grow along with me as my business grows.

Read more about me HERE.

My Motto: GOD is my boss.


Hasencleverstr. 27 A

22111 Hamburg


Visit me insde the WA HERE!


  1. Very interesting and to the point page. Love the layout and the concept.

    The word: HELP, Avoid Scammers got my attention. This is very important since the amount of fake and opportunists have escalated. People are out there to rob people. Your site is out there to help others. Thank you! keep up the good work.

    • It is nice you like the layout and find it interesting. I will do all my very best to be of service to those who need most.

  2. This page makes me believe that you truly are in the website for you heart rather than for the money. I now know that you have been a scammer victim and found a way out of that downfall so I should believe anything you say when it comes to making money online. i just wish you had more than 3 pages of content that i could comment on…

    • Thanks Anthony for your nice comments. There are way too many heartless scammers out there roaming the Internet relentlessly seeking for victims only to line their own pockets. For many ex-victims of these scammers even the very word “Internet Marketing” sounds scary. Having lost hundreds, if not thousands, of my hard earned money, I have totally dropped my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur for a decade or so. Now that I have made a come back I am determined to fiercely expose these scammers with vengeance and help others find their own path to success. But the task will be an uphill struggle and no lone person would be able to totally eliminate these scamers. That is next to impossible. We will need powerful networks of entrepreneurs with high ethical values to work together in sync. Yes, I will be adding more and more contents and do visit my site regularly. I appreciate all comments, negative or positive ones, Comments from friends like you will give me the needed strength to be able to help others more effectively.

  3. I like the term “Infosumer” which you have used in the name of your website. I also like the fact that you are helping people to achieve “Freedom” from their 9-5 rat race jobs. You are giving back what you have learnt, so that others do not make the same mistakes.
    Wishing you all the best for all your future endeavors.
    A minor suggestion; the post would look more colorful and filling, if you add the Wealthy Affiliate Widget in the Right Hand Column !!!

    • Yes, we all are “infosumer”. In this age of knowledge revolution all the needed tools are cheaply available to all “infosumer” willing, ready and determined to free themsleves from the yoke of the waning industrial bosses. Thanks for your good wishes and kind suggestions. Yes, I will improve my site further not to bore my visitors and provide them with more values, that will benefit them..

  4. Hey kipps

    The Power of Infosumer Network, great name. this is a great website, nicely laid out and the way you explain to your customers about WA is very unique. If i was not in WA and read this website it would make me reconsidor. That is awesome info . well done..

    • Hi Washington,

      Thanks so much for your nice comment. It’s true that we, the Infosumers, are powerless without a proper “Network”. With a powerful and honest Network or platform like the Wealthy Affiliate we all are empowered like never before. My aim is to prove this power and to inspire all those seeking tangible success online. Do visit this website regularly – many more valuable info and guidlines are in the pipe line.

  5. This is a well presented that is very simple to navigate around. The main pages are uncluttered just showing the item ,Fantastic site, Really great site, All the information you provide is fantastic and top quality,
    I love the layout and the sliders, The images are nicely presented and I was easily able to navigate around you website.
    Thanks to your lovely menu set-up, The colours match brilliantly.
    The website is looking great. font size is readable, colors are great, images are awesome

    • Hi Allen,
      Thanks for your positive inputs. I will further try all my best to make my site enjoyable and valuable to all my visitors.

  6. I really like your about me page to the down to earth nature of it. Showing people legitimate opportunities is what giving back is all about and the whole pay it forward concept. I enjoyed you “My Business Ethic” section as you as I can also relate to online scams that promise a return only to take your money. Benefiting and giving legitimate value to others is what it’s all about.

    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for your input Ben. Yes, nowadays many are bent on making money without any regard for ethical aspect. Especailly on the Internet, where scam artists are poised to grab any amount of money they could by using all unethical means, I think we should build trust with our audiences with our reputation firmly built on sound business ethic if one is determined to fight against these scammers.

  7. Hi Kipps!
    Wow your enthusiasm is so contagious! i hope I can one day find my passion and enjoy what I do as much as you obviously do. I would love to find my way to financial freedom and away from the 9-5. Are you able to live entirely from an online income?
    Thanks for the inspiration, Kris

    • Hi Kris,

      Thanks for your nice comment. To be honest I am still in the process of learning the trait of successful online entrepreneur. But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I am on the right path and have reached a point where I will no more look back and move forward to join the already thousands, if not millions, of successful super affiliates. Yes, enthusiasim is really contagiuos and even more so at the Wealtlhy Affiliate we inspire and empower each other. I hope to be inspired by you as well.

  8. Nice to meet you, Kipps! I enjoyed reading your description of yourself and learning about the experiences you’ve been through and how you overcame. I really get the sense that you are genuinely a nice person who is here to help and I find confidence in that.

    P.S I’ve never heard of Hamburg until now, but I looked it up and it looks like a really wonderful city.

    • Hi Joeks,

      Thanks for your nice comment. Yes, all of us at the Wealthy Affiliate are passionate to help others and this is one of the reasons I joined it and never look back. Oh, as for Hamburg, just google it and you will find out it is a fantastic German city. I have been living here for almost 30 years now. Come drop by if you happen to visit Hamburg in the future. I would love to host you.

  9. I just wanted to say I am a regular reader of your blog and a first time commenter.

    I always learn something from what you write, especially from your recent article about changing technology, unemployment and how more people are working from home.

    I too have a deep love for Burma, I live in Thailand but I have visited a few times since the borders opened up a coupe of years ago.

    The young people of Burma need good examples like you to look up to. You have seen the world, you know what it’s like, but they have been hidden away from the outside world so long, I think you can help them a lot.

    Keep writing great words of inspiration and help for those willing to listen.

    God bless you!

    • Hi Simon,

      Nice that you find my blog informative and thanks for all the encouraging words. Yes, it’s a pity, my country has been left in the 19th. century while the world is moving on so rapidly. After about 30 years in the exile, I went back in 2012 following the peace initiative of the new president. Since then, I am back to Burma almost every year. Reform is miserably slow. But the young people are “frog-leaping” into the future. Even then Thailand with its military regime seems to be far better than Burma in all aspects of daily life.

      Keep in touch.



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