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Quit the 9-5 rat race and start a work from home online business without no one bosing around you. Blogging from home will bring you FREEDOM to live the life you wish.

Work from Home does not always necessarily mean working within the confine of the four walls . It rather means you can blog (work) from anywhere and yet  get paid even while you are sleeping or partying with friends or family.

Come see the real and genuine examples of sucessful people who started with

  • no idea,

  • no website,

  • no business skills

but now building beautiful websites that pays them passive income … going from zero to $10,000+/month and even more.

As a stay at home disabled, non-tech-savvy baby boomer I manage to create this website from scratch. Building this website started the moment I joined the Wealthy Affiliate University. Unlike Work at Home Online Scams I came across in the past this WA University teaches me that ” to be successful online one need a SOLID FOUNDATION (a website), on which to build a SKYSCRAPER“, a metaphor for a SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS.

It is true that a SKYSCRAPER cannot be built on sands, it needs a REALLY STRONG and SOLID FOUNDATION.

Among many other methods I have used in the past to make money online include taking surveys that paid a few cents, Thousands like me are made to believe that taking long surveys online can bring much-needed money from the comfort of their homes.

I have tried PPC (Pay Per Click), Google Adwords etc. but these methods need a lot of testing and one need to invest time and money. Many, like me, tried these methods because we were told by online scammers out there that you don’t need a website to make money online. We bought their ebooks and make them rich. They make us believe that a SKYSCRAPER could be easily built on sands. Yes, these scammers are out there to line their own pockets not to help you earn money online.

Help People Solve Their Problems

After years of failures and after being scammed many times I finally came across Wealthy Affiliate which convinced me beyond all doubts that to successfully make REAL money online I need to build websites that help people solve their problems. There will always be problems to solve. And every day and every minute people are continuously seeking for advice and solution to their problems through Google, Bing and Yahoo, the major search engines. People who have websites that help other people solve their problems make money online. No website, no online business, no money. Period. No SOLID FOUNDATION, No SKYSCRAPER!

A dramatical fundamental change or a paradigm shift, so to say, occurred the moment I realized this PLAIN TRUTH. I have launched this simple website to share my bitter experiences trying to make money online the wrong way and to help you avoid all the mistakes I have made in the past and more importantly to show you how I build a SOLID FOUNDATION for my online business. These are the sole purposes of this website.

4 Simple Steps to Making Money Online


Choose an Interest

Think of what you know a lot about in your life experience. What hobbies do you have? What STEP1are you so passionate about? What kind of problems can you solve best in your life? Which interesting places have you been? What are your exciting experiences that you think will excite others and help them solve their problems at the same time? What kind of serious illness or weaknesses have you overcome in the past? Could your solution be of great help to others if you share with them on your website? For instance, are you a good guitarist? Or a singer? You can share your skills to others who are just starting to learn these skills. Many of them out there, thousands or even millions of them, are seeking for your help. You don’t need to be a famous guitarist or singer to be able to help the beginners. What you only need is the passion or burning desire to help others, yes FREE of charge! Who in the world would say no to your offer to help them for FREE? OK. there can be any number of potential topics you can focus on your website. If you are still not yet sure what to do just don’t worry yet. Wealthy Affiliate will belp you with how to find a niche of your own. I have found my own niches with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and this website is but only one of them.


Build a Website

 Once you find your own niche build your website, again for FREE, provided by the Wealthy STEP2Affiliate. At this point you may feel scary – like I did. But just dive in and try. Within a few moment you will realize that it takes only a few button to have your own website built from scratch. Way back in the early period of the Internet Age, building a website was the biggest obstacle for many starters. So scammers exploit this and try to sell their ebooks typically teaching you how to make money online without having a websiteTrust me you can’t make a fortune online without a website and it’s not that hard nowadays to build a website. You can build a website for FREE and in 30 seconds. Just 30 seconds after I joined the WA Universtiy I was start building this website. If an old man like me can do it, anybody can. See HERE how it is possible to build a website in 30 seconds.

 Yes this is real and you can do it too right now if you wish. There is no better proof than this website, which I have built on my own from scratch.


Attract Visitors

Now that you have built your own niche website, what happen if no one visits your site? That is a good question to ask. No visitor means no traffic, no money to be made. Then shall I need to STEP3make some or a significant amount of investment on advertising my website so people will know it exists at all? Another good question. No, you don’t need to invest a dime to get traffic to your website. This is the least you need to worry about. Let me explain.

In the age of Internet, we have the great Google that will send you tons of visitors to your websites for FREE without you spending a dime for this. Yes, I mean a FREE traffic will be rewarded to you by Google if you know how to write contents that are helping people solve their problems. Unlike, in the olden days of the early period of Internet Age, Google, nowadays, is getting smarter than ever before. It has all the means and technology to read and analyze your contents and can determine if they are really helping people solve their problems. Google and all the other major search engines survive on this service – helping people find the solutions they are searching for on the vast universe of the World Wide Web, so to say. This is where you will come in – to help Google help others find solutions they are seeking for. And Google will in return reward you with a decent income.

But I am not a good writer, how shall I write content? Again, fortunately, the Internet Age do not demand that you write like Shakespear. If you know how to talk, you know how to write website contents. If you know how to write an email then you can write content on your website and  Google will send thousands of new people to your website 24/7 for FREE. Need proof? You are reading my content right now. I am not writing it. I am talking to you. Moreover, English is not my first language but rather my third. Again it is Google that has brought you here on my site. These facts already proves what I have just said,

If you still doubt and lack self-confidence, don’t worry. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all the nitty gritty of doing all these. Thousands of people, like me, with no idea, no technological knowledge, no skills have learned the trade of Online Entrepreneur at Wealthy Affiliate and they are succeeding!


Earn Revenue

In the olden days prior to the Internet Age making money means selling something – a product or a service. But a new day had dawn as the Internet matured and there are now thousands of STEP4new ways of making money online without having a product or service. There are literally millions of products on Ebay, Amazon and the like. You only need to inform people about these products and bring people to their sites to buy their products. Yes, it is that easy. You only need to generate information in the form of simple contents or FREE tutorials about your topic. There are billions of people who are searching for these products on the Internet every second. And there are concrete ways and means to bring your audience readers or students to other relevant products on Ebay or Amazon or the like.

Uh! Will I make money by providing FREE information? Of Course! After all, we are living in the Information Age! Unlike in the past centuries, in this 21st. Century human beings are consuming and sharing information to make their living. This website is thus called The Power of Infosumer Network. We are all infosumers. We produce, consume and share FREE information to earn our living. Yes, we only need to give away valuable information totally for FREE to get rich! What an irony! The Almighty Google is telling us “Give them away free of charge all information you have and I will reward you in abundance”!

Yes, sellers on Ebay, Amazon, Clickbank and many other sellers are giving away millions of dollars every month to those who give away FREE information to people who are searching their products. And believe me there are an abundance of money out there enough to be distributed for all infosumers.

On your website, people will click on the links you provide and send them to the sellers on these gigantic networks and when they buy something you get paid lucrative commission!

But wait a minute, I don’t mean that it is easy to earn money online. Only the scam artists will tell you money is just one click away. That’s not true. Making money online or offline is the same. You need to learn the trade. You need honest training. I have told you that “there are concrete ways and means to bring your audience readers” to your websites or other sellers’ networks. But to know these “concrete ways” you need to learn or take training. Only if you master the skills needed, the tasks will become easy.

Wealthy Affiliate – the Powerful Infosumer Network – will teach you all the details about finding companies willing and ready to make you rich if you help them inform people about their products.

  •  There are many ways you can earn money from a website. 

  • Promoting products as an affiliate is a the fastest, easiest, and cost effective way to make a decent income online.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is HERE to help you do this successfully.


Kho Lian Kipp


  1. Amazing, thank you! I’ve been scammed multiple times and I think this is the one that will give me the success I want!

  2. Hello your site looks very good, a lot of information that is very good, the layout is great and detailed. keep up the good work.

    • Dear Rchards,
      Thanks for your encouragement. Do visit my website regularly. There will be important updates coming soon. Stay tuned so you won’t miss every valauble content.

  3. I sure am tired of working from home scams and I’ve been on the lookout for some legit training which will help me to make money online and succeed.

    Quitting my 9-5 job and making in excess of $10K Per month would be an awesome dream come true for me 🙂

    I appreciate the 4 money making steps and I’ll certainly get my free account with Wealthy Affiliate .

    Cheers. Neil

  4. Hello Kipp,

    I am glad to see someone focusing attention on moms and disabled people. They need for income than just making pennies from survey sites and the like.

    They can actually help other moms and disabled because they know what it is like. Keep up the good work.

    Best of success.

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